Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Why is fighting the regressive left a lost cause?

I wrote in my previous blog post how fighting the regressive left might be a lost cause. They are gaining ground everywhere, they are infecting every aspect of society, and country after country is becoming more and more totalitarian, and our rights are being eroded more and more, and there seems to be no end to this. The opposition to this madness seems to have little to no effect.

But why is this? Why is the regressive left so effective, while the opposition (ie. mainly those who subscribe to mostly classical liberal values and universal human rights and freedoms) seems to have little to no effect?

I have many times alluded to the regressive leftist social justice ideology being a cult. I don't think this is just rhetoric. I really think that the ideology has a striking resemblance to a cult. And that's the key.

That key is: Organizing regressive leftist social justice warriors is like herding sheep, while organizing their critics is like herding cats.

When social justice warriors want to fight for their cause, flocks of their brainwashed followers will join that fight. It's like a hive mind. There is little to no dissent or criticism. No dissent is allowed, and for the most part, nobody in the cult even wants to dissent or critique. They have been brainwashed to always support the ideology, in all aspects, everywhere, without doubt, without dissent, without criticism. Even if the odd individual were to present a dissenting opinion, that traitor is quickly crucified and bullied into submission (and given that even such dissenters have been conditioned into following the cult, they will almost invariably submit and concede.)

The critics ("skeptics", "liberalists", or whatever you want to call them), however, are individualist independent free-thinkers at heart. For good or bad. Yes, even for bad sometimes.

When the youtuber Sargon of Akkad recently delved into this problem and threw the idea out there that perhaps we should start actually organizing and creating a coordinated movement to combat the totalitarian cult that's infecting every aspect of society, he got immediately attacked by tons of people on his own camp. Many of these people did so for rather stupid reasons (accusing him of "collectivism", a complete misunderstanding of what term actually means.)

And that, I think, is one of the major problems. The "skeptics" are independent free-thinkers to such an extent that sometimes they will be skeptic to detrimental lengths, even attacking their own, sometimes for the stupidest of reasons. Like said, trying to organize the "skeptics" is like trying to herd cats, for good and sometimes for bad.

I hate being so pessimistic and fatalistic, but I see no future for our society. The totalitarian regressive leftists are too well organized, their mentality is too cult-like and sheep-like, and they have already succeeded in infecting all echelons of society, and there seems to be no end to it, and the opposition is too powerless to do anything. Country after country is already chipping away at people's basic freedoms, one by one. At the same time, country after country is welcoming with open arms the very thing that they should hate, ie. the most truly patriarchal misogynist homophobic totalitarian religion there is. It will only be a matter of time before country after country becomes dominated by that religion, and the oppression of women, homosexuals and non-believers will start in full force. We can kiss goodbye to our rights and freedoms.

Ironically, a good portion of the social justice cult will still consider it a good thing, while being forced to wear trash bags, and while gays are being thrown off roofs.

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