Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Social justice only deals in extremes

There's something about the social justice ideology that makes them turn everything into its most ridiculous extreme. More precisely, they often take some very reasonable basic human right, and turn it to basically a parody of itself. Yet it's not parody. They take it in all seriousness.

For example, they take "people shouldn't be judged nor discriminated against based on their sex or gender", which is a very reasonable basic human right principle, and turn it into "biological sex doesn't exist". I wish I were making that up, but I'm not. Many of them are seriously making this claim, against all reality and against all science.

Likewise something like "you shouldn't discriminate against, nor make fun of people who are obese", which is very reasonable, is turned into "obesity is healthy and desirable". Again, I wish I were making that up. Decades of medical science be damned.

The existence of human races is a curious case, because it has flip-flopped. Ten years ago multiculturalists (which were pretty much the predecessors of modern social justice warriors) were constantly repeating the mantra that "race does not exist" (which was, of course, the principle of "people should not be discriminated against based on their race" taken to the extreme).

While some social justice warriors still make that claim, you nevertheless seldom hear it anymore. From all the stuff I have seen over the last five or so years, I don't remember this mantra having been uttered even once. It's not a mainstream claim anymore.

It makes sense, I suppose. After all, if "race does not exist", that means that white people would be exactly the same as everybody else, and not the destructive inferior separate species that has racism and oppression encoded in their DNA, and which must be destroyed and exterminated like pestilent rats. How dare anybody claim that white people are equal to the superior races? That would be preposterous!

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