Friday, January 26, 2018

"Multiculturalism", "diversity", and other SJW euphemisms

Some time ago, here in Finland, some organization was printing a pamphlet or instructional booklet aimed at families who adopted a child from a developing country (ie. primarily some African country). The booklet explicitly called such a family "multicultural" (and proceeded to talk about the "challenges" that such a "multicultural" family would encounter.)

Many commented that it seemed like the publication, and in fact the multiculturalists in general, seem to be using the word "multicultural" to mean something that has nothing to do with actual culture. After all, probably even they don't believe that culture is somehow innate and inherited (especially since many of these families adopted small babies.)

It was quite clear that the word "multicultural" was just an euphemism, a code word for "multiracial". It has nothing to do with culture, and everything to do with ethnicity and race. But of course since to the multiculturalist social justice warriors (at least back then) talking about human races was taboo, they couldn't say that. (Ah, how times have changed since then...)

But it's precisely this sort of Freudian slips that beautifully reveal the true meanings of such words.

A more recent example of exactly this kind of slip was this now-infamous article:

You couldn't find a less diverse group of people even if you tried. It's quite clear that by "diverse", what they really mean is "non-white non-male". Actual diversity doesn't matter. "Diverse" is just an euphemism, a code word.

The article was later changed to remove the word "diverse" from the title, but once again this beautifully demonstrates what goes inside the heads of social justice warriors, and what they really mean, when they use words like "diversity".

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