Friday, January 19, 2018

Predictions for the near future, part 5

Continuing a bit with the theme of "things that are already happening to a lesser degree, which will probably escalate to ridiculous extents in the near future":

Country after country will start legislating "equality" and "diversity" for corporations and for individuals, and enforcing these laws onto them via sanctions, fines, incarceration, and other forceful measures. Such things will include, among others:

* Gender and racial quotas in the form of percentages will be demanded. At least such-and-such percent of employees must have such-and-such inconsequential characteristics, such as what's between their legs, and what skin pigmentation they have. Such-and-such percentage of upper management must have such-and-such characteristics, and so on and so forth.

Indubitably such legislation will be discriminatory towards white men. In other words, the percentages are minimum percentages. It won't matter if a company exceeds those percentages. For example a company that hires exclusively women will be ok, because a legislated 50% will only be a minimum percentage, not an absolute one.

Corporations that are unable to meet those percentages for the sole reason that there aren't enough applicants will be punished anyway. These corporations might need to either start paying fines and suffer all other forms of penalties, or make "ghost" hires, ie. "hire" people with the required characteristics who don't actually do anything in the company. In other words, the company will be forced to essentially pay salary to people who don't actually work at the company or do anything productive within in, just to meet the required quotas.

* The "pay gap" will be (tried to be) removed by forcing companies to pay women a larger salary than to men, for the sole reason that they are women. Often this will mean cutting the salary of men, because they are men. Men, especially white men, will be discriminated against by the government by having companies pay them less salary than to other people. Existing equal pay legislation will be either ignored, explained away, amended, or repealed.

Companies will be forced by law to make regular reports on how they are implementing these measures.

* Companies will be forced by legislation to have "diversity officers", perhaps even assigned by the government itself. The exclusive role of these "diversity officers" is to make sure that the regressive leftist agenda is being enforced within the company, and that enough people with given external characteristics are being hired. They will enforce speech codes, and codes of conduct, and they will be tasked to enforce these codes by issuing warnings and fines, and even having the power to fire people, backed by the government, because of breaching such codes. They will have zero interest in the success of the company itself, and their sole purpose is to enforce hiring quotas and codes of conduct.

It will be, essentially, a regressive leftist Stasi.

* Freedom of speech and opinion will be restricted in an ever-increasing manner, both for individuals and for companies. What is considered punishable speech will become more and more ridiculous as time passes, with even minor innocuous remarks being considered unacceptable. Outright criticism of the regressive leftist ideology will, of course, become highly punishable. Criticizing immigration policies, and especially criticizing Islam, will become highly punishable, even with incarceration.

* Censorship will become legislated. Currently the traditional media largely censors itself voluntarily, but this will be eventually escalated to such extents that it will change from de facto to de jure censorship, and will apply to all forms of communication, not just the traditional media outlets. For example, reporting on sex crimes perpetrated by immigrants will become illegal, in any form, using any platform of communication.

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