Saturday, January 13, 2018

Fighting the regressive left might be a lost cause

The youtuber Sargon of Akkad made recently a video where he points out how effective the tactics of the regressive leftist social justice warriors are, while their opposition has only minimal to no effect in society, and this is a problem.

I think he's right. As I have been saying time and again, institution after institution, organization after organization, school after school, authority after authority, and even government after government, is in increasing manner adopting regressive leftist authoritarianism, and the subsequent eroding of basic human rights and liberties, and increasing the persecution of "wrongthinkers". Entity after entity is restricting free speech more and more, and punishing people for dissenting opinions. Entity after entity is becoming increasingly misandrist, anti-white, xenophilic and islamophilic. Entity after entity is starting to brainwash children into hating themselves and western values.

Not a week goes by without yet another article being published about a school or university enacting absolutely incredible new policies either restricting the freedoms of their students, or enacting pure propaganda onto them (which is especially heinous when we are talking about very young children). Or yet another organization, or even government, restricting people's freedoms or punishing people for expressing their opinions. At the same time these same entities are excusing crimes made by migrants, and blaming the hosting countries.

The social justice ideology is indeed infecting everything, in an ever increasing manner. There don't seem to be any signs of it stopping, or even slowing down. Your rights are being eroded day after day.

What exactly has the opposition to this madness achieved? Not much, really.

Has any government so far reversed their changes to increased totalitarianism? Has any government repealed their recently-introduced restrictions to people's freedoms? Has any university, school, or other organization reversed their ever-increasing restrictions, rules and propaganda? (There are a few universities that have refused to go into the madness, but I don't remember ever hearing a university adopting the principles and rules and later repealing them.) Has any corporation, which has famously adopted social justice principles, reversed their policies?

If it has ever happened, I have never heard of it. I doubt it has happened (because if it had, the critics would be lauding it. I don't remember any such thing.)

The most that's being done is a few political speakers touring universities, and critics making YouTube videos. But that's about it. They have little to no effect on anything. Not really. They may sway the opinions of a part of the population, but they have too little effect to affect anything of the abovementioned organizations and entities.

Let's face reality: There's no denying it, the social justice cult tactics are frighteningly effective. For some reason it's an extremely virulent ideology, and their tactics to spread it all across society are extremely effective, and we are seeing its results. The critics, on the other hand, may make a lot of noise, but they have little to no effect on what's happening. Our basic rights are being eroded, and our civilization is being slowly destroyed, and there's pretty much nothing we can do about it. Their tactics are much more effective than ours. Their ideology is much more virulent than ours. That's just a sad reality.

What to do about it? I have no idea, really. Maybe there is nothing that can be done. Maybe the future of the modern western society is doomed. I seriously fear that western country after western country will become an Islamic state, and modern society as we know it will crumble. The few western countries that do not willingly convert to Islam will eventually be forcefully invaded by the surrounding recently-converted Islamic countries. At least in Europe. I can't even begin to guess how this will affect America. But at least in Europe, I suppose you'd better enjoy your basic human rights while you still can. It's not going to last.

Perhaps in some countries something else will happen before that. Perhaps enough people will get fed up with all this that they will start voting for the extreme right-wing political parties. Which aren't much better than the extreme left, really. It will be a complete shitshow.

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  1. I hate to say it, but I think we're fucked at this rate. And quite soon I'm afraid. If a few certain kind of people wouldn't exist...