Sunday, January 21, 2018

The mind-boggling relatioship between feminists and Islam

Islam, both the religion and the culture, is pretty much everything that modern feminists hate and loudly and constantly speak against.

Islam, at large, imposes dress codes onto women (but not onto men). Islam tells women to cover up, and in general there is a widespread culture and mentality that women who do not cover up are promiscuous sluts. Very often Muslim women who do not dress appropriately are shunned, shamed and castigated (sometimes even physically, especially in Islamic countries where that's not illegal.) It is a very common sentiment among Muslims, especially those who live in Islamic countries or who have recently moved to the west from such countries, that not only are women who do not cover themselves up promiscuous sluts, but moreover raping them is acceptable because of that.

Modern feminists tell us all the time how women should be free to dress however they want, and that society must never impose any sort of dress code standards on women, and that it's abhorrent to even ask a woman who has been assaulted what she was wearing. A woman should be able to walk on the street however she wants, even naked if she so wants, without being harassed, assaulted, shamed or blamed. Therefore it would sound reasonable that feminists would heavily oppose the dress codes and social pressure of Muslim women.

Islamic culture is heavily patriarchal, in the traditional sense. The father is considered the head of the family, and sons are considered the main family line. Sons are considered more valuable than daughters, especially when it comes to preserving the family line, and for inheritance. By large, especially in Islamic countries, the word of a man is considered more trustworthy than the word of a woman. Even the holy scriptures of the religion directly state this (the most known passage telling how the word of one man is worth that of two women.) Given how heavily modern feminism opposes any sort of patriarchal system, where men are considered to be more important and above women, where men are the ones who run society and families, and where family lines are delineated by the males in the family, it would sound reasonable that feminists would heavily oppose Islamic culture.

In the same vein, Islam very widely engages in gender segregation, of the kind where men are pretty much free to go wherever they want and do whatever they want, but women may have limitations. Quite prominently, in most mosques strict gender segregation is enforced, where women are literally forced to sit on the back of the mosque, while men are free to sit wherever they want (which is eerily similar to the famous limits of where black people could sit in public transports in the 1950's America.) This is happening even in many mosques in the west. It would be reasonable to think that feminists would heavily oppose this segregation, especially given how one-sided it is (as it mainly puts limitations on women, not on men.)

Islam is by far and large extremely homophobic. Homosexuality is absolutely not tolerated in most Islamic countries, nor among Muslim communities even in the west. Even in the mildest of cases most Muslims oppose homosexuality and homosexuals (something that has been corroborated by poll after poll). In the most extreme cases homosexuals are persecuted, harassed and even killed (especially if the law of the land puts no deterrents on it.) Given how pro-homosexuality feminism is, and how anti-homophobia it is, and the extents to which it goes to defend homosexuals and their rights, it would sound reasonable that feminists would heavily oppose Islamic culture for being so deeply homophobic.

Yet, for some strange reason, none of that is true. Feminists do not oppose the deeply patriarchal, misogynist and homophobic Islamic culture, but on the contrary will defend it, and will do so very rabidly and with fervor. Their first line of defense is of course denial: They will deny that any of that is true. When the evidence is too overwhelming to be denied, they will start making up excuses. They will even go against everything they preach and actually defend the Islamic practice of dress codes for women, and shaming them for not adhering to those codes. Some will even "show support" by willingly subjecting themselves to these same dress codes. The rampant homophobia among Muslims is largely ignored and denied. It's not a subject that they like to talk much about.

Many feminists will even claim that Islam is a feminist religion, even though it's the complete opposite of it. This level of Orwellian double-think is just mind-boggling.

I think that, in the end, this shows how feminism doesn't actually care about women and oppressed minorities. Defending Islam to them simply a tool to create social pressure and gain control of the narrative. It's a useful tool to attack the western social structures. The actual people who feminists claim to fight for be damned.

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