Monday, January 1, 2018

Predictions for the near future, part 4

In this issue of the series, for the most part I'm not going to list things that have not yet happened, but might happen in the near future. Instead, the majority of these are things that have already happened several times in the near past. My prediction is that these things will significantly escalate in the near future, perhaps to almost ridiculous extents.

The overall theme of all these is that the current racism against white people will continue escalating and become more and more extreme.

The social justice cult will start rallying for all scientific results, discoveries, papers and inventions to be dismissed, shunned and perhaps even banned, if they have been made by white men. (Dismissing such results is something that some SJWs have already written about. This will probably only further escalate in the future.) It doesn't matter what these scientific discoveries and results are, or how much they would benefit humanity as a whole, calls will be done to dismiss them solely based on the skin color and sex of the scientists.

Likewise full racial segregation will be demanded more and more, especially in universities, but in increasing manner also in other institutions (such as high schools, elementary schools, restaurants, and so on). In some cases these demands will actually be implemented, in an increasing manner (this has already been done in the last couple of years, so it's not unprecedented). It will be like the 1950's United States again, except worse. (After all, the principle back then was "equal but separate", meaning that everybody has equal rights, and all the same services, but segregated by race. In this case it will be worse because not only will the social justice cult demand segregation, but also different rights, with white people having less rights than others. For example, they will demand non-white people to be offered more services and privileges, which may be completely denied to white people.)

Demands for denying white people services will increase (especially if these services are provided by non-white people.) We may even literally see "no whites allowed" (or similar) signs.

The social justice cult will in increasing manners suggest that white people should be killed. They will demonize and dehumanize white people, and in increasing manner consider them literally a biologically separate inferior species. A separate species that's destructive to the Earth, like rats or mosquitoes spreading deadly diseases, and whose total extermination will only do good to the entire Earth.

Currently, when confronted about expressing this kind of genocidal sentiment, they still maintain that it's just "parody" or "social commentary" or the like, intended to "raise conversation". This will change. At some point they will just stop pretending and be completely barefaced about it: They want a complete genocide and eradication of all white people, period. No excuses, no pretending. Just outright murder of all white people, because they are white, the inferior destructive species.

This may well have very dark consequences. When you keep spreading propaganda against a group of people, somebody in the right (well, wrong) mindset will fully believe it and act upon it. The amount of murders and terrorism against white people, due to this propaganda, will start escalating in the future. Up until now they have been mostly content with harassing and physically beating up people and destroying property, but this will escalate in increasing manner to actual murder. When you keep spreading propaganda that white people aren't actually humans, that they are a separate inferior and dangerous species, like rats, some people will start believing it, and doing something about it. Currently perhaps the only deterrent is the police and the justice system, but if you keep brainwashing people for long enough, they will stop caring what happens to themselves in the name of their cause. They will martyr themselves for the cause, and take out as many of the inferior race as they can before stopped. When a few of them go on a killing spree, this might have a snowball effect, if they become martyrs in the eyes of the social justice cult.

Because many/most of these social justice cultists are themselves white, we may well start seeing suicides among them. Some of these "allies" will be so brainwashed into guilt and hating themselves, that they will become so depressed as to kill themselves. The other cultists will probably see this as positive, and may even start encouraging it. Social justice will not only be a quasi-religious cult, it will in fact become a suicide cult. (On a slightly positive note this might cause a small resurgence of people leaving the cult. But they will be just a small minority.)

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