Saturday, January 6, 2018

The most powerful word in the English language

In the English language, the most powerful word in existence, by a wide, wide margin, is the word "nigger". There is no other word that comes even close to this one.

There is no other word, or even combination of words, that if the "wrong" person says it, gets him into deep trouble. People have said this word publicly, and because of that, and solely that, they have lost their jobs, ruined their careers, news articles have been written about them in the press, and they have been viciously attacked, both verbally and sometimes even physically. There is no other word in the English language that, if the "wrong" person says it, can cause so much controversy and fervor.

And the context doesn't matter. People have got into trouble for saying "nigger" out loud even in contexts where it was perfectly justifiable and proper. For example, one university professor got into trouble for saying that word out loud, even though she (and it was a woman, so women are not safe from this either) was precisely talking about the word itself in a meta sense, in a class talking about modern society and culture. And get this: This professor was a leftist social justice advocate. It's not like she was criticizing leftist ideology or anything. She was completely pro social justice. She still got in trouble for uttering that word out loud. That's how powerful that word is.

Of course the fact that the consequences of saying that word out loud depends on the skin color of the person saying it reveals quite a huge double standard in our society. The application of the consequences of saying the word is 100% racist.

Social justice cultists, especially black ones, are of course completely happy with this situation. None of them are like "hey, maybe this has gone too far. Perhaps we should be more reasonable. People should be able to say the word depending on the context, especially if it's a completely innocuous use of the word, not done in any way to insult or degrade anybody."

Social justice cultists want to exert power and dominance over people and society. They want power and control over everything. They want to dominate everything. And this is one perfect tool for that. A situation as formed in our society, somehow, that this single word can be used to exert power over people and make them submissive and fearful. Social justice is a supremacist movement that wants control over everything, and this particular word is a sublime tool for that. When the "wrong" person happens to say it, no matter what the context, the social justice cult can harness society to attack that person. And society at large just complies. And social justice cultists love this kind of power.

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