Saturday, January 6, 2018

Combatting the gender pay gap may result in totalitarianism

Country after country is taking stern measures to combat the "gender pay gap". Countries have been legislating equal pay for decades, but that hasn't helped. Women are still earning less than men, even though the law says that corporations need to pay the same wages regardless of gender.

This is, of course, a very convenient weapon used by social justice cultists. The earning gap will always be there, but it's very easy to use it to give the impression that all corporations are paying women less than men for the same job. Never mind that they can never give actual concrete examples of any company doing this, it must still be true dammit.

But because the social justice religion is so amazingly virulent, and government after government is being infected by it, and thus government after government is getting convinced that companies are paying women less than men (even though the government can't prove this is happening, other by looking at total earnings by men and women, and ignoring what else might cause this, such as life choices), this will inevitably cause extreme measures to be taken to "close the gap".

I can only think of two possible ways to "close" the gap:

1) The government will force companies to pay women more hourly salary for the same job than to men. Of course this would require annulling equal pay legislation, because it would go against it. The equal pay laws will be repealed, and companies will be forced to pay unequal salaries.

If this is implemented, one problem may arise: Since now women will be paid more than men for the same hours, many women might take this as an opportunity to actually work less hours. After all, if they are getting the same money as before by working less hours, why not? If you could get the same salary by working 6 hours a day instead of 8, wouldn't you take that opportunity?

But of course if this happens, total earnings for women would once again lower. Which in turn would force the government to force companies to pay women even more hourly salary to close the gap. Which in turn would incentivize women to work less hours... It would become a vicious cycle which will end with women not working at all, yet still be forced by the government to be paid.

It sounds ridiculous, but it wouldn't actually be the most ridiculous thing that the social justice cult has come up with (and even enacted in some cases). In their ideology it would in fact only make sense.

Of course the problem with this is that it would probably cause an economic collapse of the country.

2) The government would need to take complete totalitarian control of the jobs of every single person, and force them to do certain jobs for certain hours. A complete totalitarian communist control of the labor force, where people are forced, even against their will, to work what essentially amounts to slave labor. You must work at a given job for a given amount of hours. You cannot choose another line of work, and you cannot choose to work for less or more hours.

Of course in many countries this would be anticonstitutional, and against basic human rights. But social justice doesn't care about constitutions or human rights. It only cares about power and control.

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