Wednesday, June 13, 2018

What is it with American conservatism and climate change denalism?

As you might guess, I follow quite many anti-SJW channels on YouTube. Also, as you might guess, a good portion of these people happen to be American (or sometimes Canadian) conservatives. Most aren't, but a good portion are. And I don't mean solely that what they say is mostly in line with conservative values and politics; I mean that they are openly supporters of the Republican Party (ie. they are republicans). Or the equivalent in Canada.

One thing I have noticed, and something that quite irks me, is that there seems to be an almost full and tight one-to-one relationship between American conservatism and climate change denialism. If a YouTuber identifies as a conservative and/or directly a Republican, you can bet that if the question of climate change ever comes up in any video, he will have the denialist attitude towards it.

I view climate change denialism as essentially no different than flat-Earthism, or as the Moon landing conspiracy theory. It's simply an anti-scientific conspiracy theory, driven by a pro-corporatist mindset, nothing more. It's essentially no different, in principle, from the tobacco industry claiming that there's no scientific evidence that smoking causes lung cancer.

For some reason American conservatism and climate change denialism seems to go hand-in-hand. If you are one, then you believe the other, almost without exceptions. (Yes, I know that exceptions most probably exist, but they seem to be so rare that I have never encountered them so far.)

Perhaps the most borderline case that I have ever seen is Paul Joseph Watson, who is very openly and unashamedly conservative and Republican, but seems to take no hard stance on the subject of the validity of climate change and its major reason. (I haven't seen every single video he has ever made, but from the ones I have seen, when the subject has come up, he has always handled it without expressing his own stance or personal opinion. If he has ever expressed his opinion on it, I haven't seen it.)

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