Friday, June 1, 2018

Should the Boy Scouts organization start accepting girls?

The Boy Scouts organization has existed for over a hundred years now, and has been so successful that branches of it exist in almost all countries in the world.

In a very traditional, old-fashioned, and quite conservative way, only boys are allowed. Girls have their own parallel organization, the Girl Scouts.

How sexist! How regressive and oppressive! A boys-only club! On this day and age that won't do! We can't tolerate such exclusionary behavior in the modern world!

Which is why the Boy Scouts of America organization recently caved in and opened their organization up for everybody (pissing off, among others, the Girl Scouts organization, but who cares about them, right?)

But is this a good idea? Call me old-fashioned, but I don't think it is.

Boy Scouts is open to people of pretty much all ages, from kindergarten-aged to 90-year-olds. However, a significant portion, perhaps even majority, or members are teenagers.

Horny teenagers.

It's just a fact of life that when you have young people interacting with each other, having members of both genders is going to cause tensions, and problems. No matter how well brought-up these people may be, and how strict the rules, it's going to cause tensions. And also, it affects the dynamics of how people behave and interact with each other. Such an environment is rife with all kinds of social interactions and attitudes that happen when young people of both sexes are constantly interacting with each other. Romances, crushes, jealousy, gossiping, competition of relationships, fights, illicit covert relationships and acts... You name it. Many of these are things that are several orders of magnitude less frequent when there are only boys, or only girls, present, with mentor figures guiding them.

Having members of both sexes can be a distraction, and it changes the dynamics of the social environment and interactions. You just can't expect millions of horny teenagers to behave the same way when only members of their own sex are present than when both are present, often for days and days, sometimes even weeks.

It makes the problem worse that the decision by the Boy Scouts of America was not done to try to correct or fix some existing problem. It was done to virtue-signal, because the current political narrative is that we have to be "inclusive" in everything, and that banning girls from joining an organization is "discriminatory" and "sexist". That's it. That's the whole reason. There is no actual problem being fixed here. There is only virtue-signaling and pandering to the social justice ideology.

The organization is already facing heavy backlash, repercussions and massive loss of membership. In the United States in particular, conservative Christians, and especially Mormons, have always considered Boy Scouts to be a good organization for their kids, which is why a good majority of Boy Scout members are kids of such families and organizations. Now the Mormons have decided that this is the last straw, and decided to remove all of their members from the Boy Scouts. They consist of something like a quarter of all Boy Scouts in the United States. It's yet to be seen if other churches will follow suit, but it wouldn't be surprising if some of them do.


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  2. Turns out this mentality that teenagers are horny is unhealthy: