Saturday, June 9, 2018

Predictions for the near future, part 10

Especially in the United States, but in an increasing manner in other "progressive" countries as well, in an increasing manner, discrimination against white men will become more and more prevalent.

For example, the requirements for white men to get promotions and salary raises in many corporations will become stricter and stricter, while those same requirements will become looser and looser for non-white non-male people. The same will be true, obviously, for hiring. In fact, more and more corporations will start openly and quite blatantly discriminating against white males in hiring, some even refusing to hire them at all. (Many of these corporations will probably not last long, but they will still engage in this.)

Since this kind of discrimination is still illegal in most countries, lawsuits related to this will become slightly more common, but still not extremely so. That's because corporations always find ways to circumvent such laws. They will hide the reasons for eg. not promoting someone, and they will come up with myriads of excuses and loopholes. Corporations are experts at this, and have been doing so for decades and decades, with all sorts of things. They know the business.

The corporations who most egregiously engage in this will see their profits plummet. After all, when you hire and promote based on what people look like, rather than based on talent and merit, the corporation will eventually end up being run by talentless people, who will drive it to economic ruin.

But, of course, due to how the social justice ideology works, such corporations will almost never admit that their financial problems were caused by their discrimination hiring and promotion. They will always find other scapegoats. (Some individual whistleblowers from within the company might be able to express their opinions on it.)

And, of course, once the profits of these companies start plummeting, the layoffs will commence. And it's not hard to guess who of their employees will be laid off first. Which will, of course, only accelerate the downfall.

If this becomes widespread enough, and isn't reversed, but companies engaging in this only double down on their policies, it might even start causing the economy of the entire country (whichever country it is) to suffer. After all, the economy of the country is highly dependent on the success of its private corporations.

Pair this with the mass immigration of uneducated talentless economic migrants into the country, who will start rioting and plundering once the tax money streams they are living on runs dry, and the ingredients for disaster are ready.

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