Sunday, June 17, 2018

Donald Trump can do no good

People have coined the term "Trump derangement syndrome" to describe the absolute and total hatred that the leftist media, and leftist public personalities, have against Donald Trump, to the extent that no matter what the situation, no matter what he does, they always hate it. The media will always find fault in it, no matter what it is. Trump could literally read out loud, word for word, verbatim, the United States Constitution and the Universal Human Rights Declaration, and the leftist media, and regressive leftists in general, would find fault in it and attack Trump for it. He could donate a billion dollars to a children's hospital, and the leftist media would condemn him for it and criticize it. It doesn't matter what he does, the regressive left simply cannot acknowledge that it was a good thing.

Recently Donald Trump made history by successfully starting peace talks between North and South Korea. For the first time in over 50 years the leaders of both countries have met for possible peace agreements, and Donald Trump was the mediator in this. He essentially made it happen. (Of course it is yet to be seen to what extent this will happen, but the fact that both countries are discussing peace talks is a huge, huge step, which nobody imagined even possible just a few years ago.)

The South Korean president lauded Trump for this, and commented that he should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his actions. He succeeded in doing what nobody else was able to, in over 50 years.

Well, you can guess how the regressive left, including the leftist media, has taken this. Obviously they find fault in everything, and simply cannot acknowledge that anything good has happened. And, of course, they find it preposterous that Donald Trump could perhaps receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

It's funny, actually. During the Olympics in South Korea, the leftist media was writing sympathetic articles about North Korea. (It makes sense. North Korea hates the United States. The leftist media hates the United States. Of course they would get in bed with them.) But now, just a few months later, when apparently North Korea appears to be reversing their attitudes towards the United States, the leftist media is writing negative pieces on North Korea.

I can guarantee with 100% certainty that if this exact same thing had been done by Barack Obama, the leftist media would be lauding him as a hero.

The Nobel Peace Prize is a joke, and is in no way comparable to any of the other Nobel prizes, but I do hope that Trump gets it, just to see once again the tears of the regressive leftists. They would taste so sweet.

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