Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Only social justice warriors use the term "reverse racism"

The term "reverse racism" is rather popular among social justice warriors (and goes way back, at least 10 or 20 years, when "social justice"/"intersectional feminism" was more commonly known as "multiculturalism").

The thing is, I don't remember ever seeing or hearing that term used by skeptics, by the anti-SJWs. I don't even remember seeing it used by actual white supremacists and racists (although I haven't seen much material by them, since I'm not exactly interested.) I have ever only seen it used by social justice warriors.

Why do social justice warriors love to use that term? Why have they coined it in the first place?

I think they like to use that term to distinguish it from their own definition of "racism", to make it a completely separate and independent concept, and thus easier to attack and delegitimize.

In their narrative, only white people can be racists, and only non-white people can be victims of racism. To them, the notion that a non-white person is racist, or that a white person is the victim of racism, is simply impossible. To them, it's a completely absurd notion.

Thus they coined the term "reverse racism" to refer to allegations of prejudice or discrimination against white people by non-white people, because of race. It's not "real racism" because, as stated, that's an impossibility, so it needs another name: "Reverse racism."

Of course now that they have coined the term and the notion, they can proceed to delegitimize it, ridicule it, and attack it. "There is no such a thing as reverse racism." That's what they mean when they say that: In other words, that racism against white people is impossible.

Funnily, I agree that "there is no such a thing as reverse racism". However, with that I mean something completely different than what they mean. With that, they mean that racism against white people is impossible. What I mean with that is that the term itself is completely nonsensical.

So yes, there is no such a thing as "reverse racism" in the same way as there is no such a thing as "reverse murder", or "reverse theft", or "reverse arson", or "reverse jaywalking". It's just a completely nonsensical concept. It makes no logical nor semantic sense. What would "reverse murder" even mean? It's a completely illogical pairing of words. (I suppose one could argue that "reverse murder" is bringing someone back to life, but that's quite stretching it, and not a term that one would use for such a situation. It would be a completely silly expression to use in that situation. Would be more of a joke than anything else.)

In the same way as there is no "reverse murder", only "murder", likewise there is no "reverse racism", only "racism".

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