Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Why does the regressive left in the US keep protesting?

Regressive leftist anti-Trump protests have become essentially a daily occurrence in the United States, and this has been going on, non-stop, for a year and a half. I don't know if it has been happening every single day for that entire timespan, but I wouldn't actually be surprised.

One would think that these people would have better things to do than to roam the streets every single day, for years on end. That they would have actual lives to live, schools to attend, jobs to do, families to be with. A few weeks, maybe even a couple of months? Maybe. But a year and a half? And they don't seem to have any intention of stopping. They are, essentially, ruining their own lives fighting against windmills.

One would think that by this point they would have got bored of it, especially since Trump hasn't turned the country into Nazi Germany v2, he hasn't established concentration camps, there is no mass deportation of dark-skinned people, and pretty much nothing of that magnitude. (If anything, Trump has been so far much more lenient than Barack Obama himself, given that the latter waged wars in the Middle East and Africa that cost the lives of estimated tens of thousands of people. Obama's death toll is several orders of magnitude higher than Trump's so far.)

But no, they keep going, and going, and going, and going...

But why? There are several reasons for this, but I think that one of the major ones is something that I commented about in another blog post, where I predicted that if Trump's presidency comes to an end as normal, and nothing particularly horrible happens during it, the regressive left will not admit that they were wrong, but instead argue that it was them who "stopped" Trump from committing heinous acts because of the protests.

That's right, I think that most of these protesters live in an imaginary fantasy world where it's their every day protests that are stopping Trump from becoming an evil dictator. Many of them probably completely believe that it's precisely their actions that are stopping Trump. That it's them, and only them, who are the only obstacle for Trump. That if they stopped protesting, then Trump would become Hitler v2, and start creating those mass extermination camps and start World War 3.

Of course that doesn't make any sense. Even if Trump wanted to become an evil dictator, why would some random people making noise on the streets and pestering and harassing random other people dissuade him in the least? Why would he care? Do they really think Trump is like "damn, I would really like to create these concentration camps to exterminate all Muslims, Mexicans and CNN reporters, but all those people protesting on the streets are stopping me... What should I do? My hands are tied!"

But this is the mentality.

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