Tuesday, May 29, 2018

As said, Brexit is probably not going to happen

On October of last year I wrote how Brexit is probably not going to happen. Even though the vote happened in 2016, the British politicians have come up with excuse after excuse, and delay after delay, to postpone it. The latest back then was that it was delayed up to 2021. I predicted that it wouldn't stop there, and the delays would just continue.

Well, what do you know, Theresa May didn't even want to wait for the 2021 deadline, and is already now, in 2018, suggesting yet another delay, up to 2023.

Does anybody seriously believe anymore that it's going to stop there? I guarantee with 100% certainty that if Brexit hasn't been repealed in the next couple of years, they will just extend the delay even further. The only way that Brexit is going to happen is if the EU itself forcefully kicks the UK out, or if the EU completely collapses. (The latter is much more probable than the former, but might not happen very soon, yet.) Anybody who believes otherwise is just being naive.

I hope I'm wrong. However, I fear I'm right.

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