Friday, May 11, 2018

Predictions for the near future, part 9

It has become quite clear that the so-called "refugee crisis" in the EU isn't going to stop. On the contrary, it's only escalating more and more. The influx of migrants isn't stopping. European politicians are doing this deliberately, willfully, on purpose, for reasons only known to them. Nobody even pretends that this has anything to do with the Syrian war anymore, or that these so-called "refugees" are from Syria. (Maybe a few media outlets still keep up that pretense a bit, but from what I have seen, the majority of the media has stopped even pretending.) Everybody knows by this point that only a tiny fraction of these migrants are from Syria, and nobody cares.

Most EU countries are affected, but some a lot more than others. A laughably small fraction of these migrants are getting any jobs, and are instead living at the expense of the government, ie. the taxpayers. It's rather obvious that this can't go on forever. At some point there will be a tipping point.

Since I'm not an economist I can't know what effect this will have in the near future, but I can guess.

Crime and unrest will raise to unprecedented proportions in many countries. There will be riots, vandalism, looting, muggings, home invasions, rapes, terrorist attacks, assaults and even murders. Many cities will quite literally be on fire. The police will be mostly helpless against this because of sheer lack of resources and numbers. The military will be deployed in many instances, and martial law declared.

Many EU countries will face two choices: Either total economic collapse, or the raise of far-right totalitarianism. I have no idea which country will be the first to collapse, but it might be Greece or Italy, or possibly one of the central European countries surrounding Germany.

The extremist left will welcome these economic collapses and chaos with glee. The sentiment will be that the country "deserves" it.

Since the other option, ie. the raise of a far-right totalitarian regime, would be too scary to allow, some countries where this is becoming a real possibility, will do everything they can to stop it, including repealing the democratic process of electing the government. Elections will be cancelled. In other words, they will establish a totalitarian form of government in order to stop a totalitarian form of government from raising.

I'm not sure if this will happen, but it's possible that if one EU country does not successfully stop the far-right from raising to power, it might even be that the other EU countries will resort even to military action against it. Literally a war within the EU, using military force.

If there will be any slightly positive outcomes from this catastrophe, it will be that, perhaps, more and more countries will leave the EU, and it might even end with the total collapse and dissolution of the EU. While that would definitely be a positive outcome, the damage to the countries involved would already be done, and the repercussions felt for decades and decades to come, perhaps even centuries. Many countries will be in economic ruin, and with a huge amount of migrants that they will have very hard time getting rid of. It may even be that some countries become so poor as to essentially become third-world nations. Perhaps they will experience a mass emigration of their native people, ending up in a total collapse of the entire country.

And, once again, the regressive left will welcome this destruction with cheers and glee.

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