Monday, May 14, 2018

California has become the Sweden of the United States

California is arguably the most "progressive" state in the entirety of the United States.

Not only is it the state that most loudly and prominently exalts the virtues of the social justice ideology, at all levels, but has also legislated more social justice laws than any other state.

In fact, it has done more than that. Much more. More than even Sweden itself. For example, in order to combat the "stigma" surrounding HIV (I don't really understand why this is a "stigma" that needs to be combated, but that's how the social justice ideology in California works), deliberately and knowingly infecting people with HIV, without telling them, is not a felony anymore, just a misdemeanor. Moreover, deliberately and knowingly donating blood while HIV-positive, without telling about it, has been decriminalized.

That's right. What pretty much effectively accounts to murdering someone by deliberately and surreptitiously infecting that person with a deadly disease, is not a crime in California anymore, as long as that disease is HIV. That particular virus has a special exemption in Californian law now.

Sexually transmitted diseases are skyrocketing in California, particularly in Los Angeles. (This might or might not be a direct consequence of the above, but it's arguably a consequence of the mentality that's so prevalent in that state.)

California is also doing its hardest to become a "sanctuary state" for illegal immigrants. This means that not only will the state welcome illegal immigrants, but it will actively stop helping the Federal immigration officials in their work. A part of this "sanctuary state" proposal is that all Californian police and other officials will refuse to collaborate with and helping Federal immigration officers, and on the contrary work towards protecting and hiding illegal immigrants from them.

This is actually illegal for a member state to do in the United States. This is effectively insurrection.

The result of all these, and many other policies enacted in California can be seen in the well-being of its population. California has become the state with the highest rate of homelessness and poverty. Streets, underpasses and tunnels have become filled with homeless people and drug-addicts. Garbage, waste and filth is piling up on the streets, with the government being unable to cope with the sheer amount of it. In some places the situation has become so bad, and the health hazard caused by all the garbage so high, that city councils have had to spend millions of dollars trying to clean it up.

All this has been going on for quite a while, and its effects are now seen in the form of mass emigration of people from the state. People are leaving the state in droves. It's probably only a matter of time before major corporations operating in California leave the state as well.

Given that most of these people leaving the state are of the working and middle classes, ie. those who keep up the government by paying taxes, this is probably going to cause huge economic problems for the state.

What Sweden is to Europe, California is to the United States: A warning of what happens when the social justice ideology gets in power.

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