Wednesday, May 16, 2018

New York's 31 gender identities make no sense

New York City has become a bit of a laughing stock because they officially recognize 31 gender identities. This is not just a rumor, or some spurious fake news invented by someone: You can check it on their official website.

The pamphlet repeats the modern social justice ideology point that gender is "assigned at birth", as if the doctors just decided on their own, at a whim, to assign gender to people, who are then stuck with it.

No, gender is not "assigned at birth". It's assigned at conception. And not by people. By biology. By how cells and chromosomes interact with each other. What the doctor does at birth is an observation, not an assignment. And this observation is not completely unnecessary and inconsequential: Many health issues are different for boys and girls, because of their biological differences, and it's important to know this in order to better assess the source of some medical problems that may arise and need to be investigated and treated.

Anyway, back to the actual topic, ie. those "gender identities" listed there. Many of them don't make much sense. Or, more specifically, the need to distinguish between them makes little sense.

For example, why are "cross-dresser" and "drag queen" two different "gender identities"? That's like saying that if one man wears cowboy boots and thinks that's manly, and another wears combat boots and that it's manly, and a third one said that wearing dress shoes is manly, that's three distinct "gender identities" there. As if your different choices of clothing made you your own "gender identity".

And why stop there? Why not list thousands and thousands of "gender identities" based on how people like to dress themselves? After all, the combinations are endless. Why list those particular "gender identities", and leave the thousands of other similar "identities" out?

After all, the list distinguishes between "gender identities" with differences that are nitpicky at best. What exactly is the difference between "transsexual", "trans", and "person of transgender experience"? And why is that different from "female-to-male", and "male-to-female"? Any such differences are completely arbitrary and nitpicky (and, may I say it, a social construct, hah!) Why is it necessary to make those particular distinctions?

And again, if making those minute distinctions is so important, why stop there? Why only have these five? We could come up with literally hundreds of similar terms, each with some arbitrary tiny differences between them. "Trans-identifying", "trans-experimenting", "trans-fluid", "trans-gifted", "male-to-androgynous", "female-to-androgynous", "androgynous-to-male", "androgynous-to-female", "androgynous-to-agender", "agender-to-androgynous"... You get my drift. You could literally get hundreds and hundreds of combinations by just using those existing words, and hundreds or even thousands more by adding new invented words. Why limit yourself to those particular ones listed? Why are they special, among all other possibilities?

All of this is nothing more than juvenile role-playing, that has gone way too far. Why is anybody taking any of this seriously? This is just fantasy. Role-playing. Juvenile people inventing stuff, and demanding that their fantasies be taken seriously.

And we are becoming more and more a world where if you don't take them seriously, you could get fined and even jailed. A world of compelled speech, where you are forced to agree with this role-playing and do whatever they want you do, or else you will be punished by law.

If they want to live in a fantasy world where they are what they think they are, that's fine. It's their prerogative. However, once the government starts enforcing it, and punishing people for not submitting and agreeing to it, that's when this goes way too far. That's when it crosses a line.

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