Thursday, May 12, 2016

The feminist hypocrisy of "consent"

There are many things that modern feminists are morbidly obsessed about. One of them is rape. In their minds not only is rape the worst possible crime in existence, by a wide margin, but it is also everywhere all the time, and every minor thing in existence is now "rape". They just can't stop talking about rape. They are absolutely obsessed with it.

For this reason they go on and on and on about "consent". They are pushing (often successfully) all kinds of policies and campaigns to define and enforce stricter and stricter definitions of "consent".

It has, in fact, gone so far that "consent" has become completely meaningless. It doesn't even matter what feminists think is "consent". For all of their rambling and raging about it, and what it is, and how it should be given and so on and so forth, none of that matters in the least.

Why? Because in the modern feminist zeitgeist a woman can withdraw "consent" at any point. Including after the act. Including well after the act. Even if it's literally years after the fact, they can withdraw consent. Even if the relationship continued for a long time after that one act, it doesn't matter: If the woman withdraws consent years later for that one single act, it was rape, period. Details don't matter, only the accusation does. And don't you dare try to even investigate if the allegation is true: If you investigate, you are victim-blaming and excusing rape! You are a rape apologist!

It has become so bad that in the feminist zeitgeist a man cannot have sex with a woman safely. It doesn't matter what either one of them does, or how much "consent" she gives him (and it's always in that direction; the other direction doesn't exist in the feminist narrative). If she withdraws consent at any moment, even well after the fact, if she claims she was raped, then she was. The accusation is the proof. Even if it's the most consensual sex act that has ever happened in the entire history of humanity, it doesn't matter. If she years later claims she was raped, then she was. Period. No buts, ifs or maybes.

So all the talk about "consent" is pretty much empty, hollow and meaningless. It doesn't matter. In the feminist mind, it's completely inconsequential. It's effectively a charade. It doesn't matter how much "consent" was given, it can be denied later, and it automatically becomes "rape".

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