Monday, May 23, 2016

How YouTube helps big corporations steal your videos

Very recently something happened on YouTube that really showcases how broken their copyright system is.

Some guy had uploaded a video in 2009 (about some trick in a NES game). In 2016 the creators of the show Family Guy used that video, without permission, on their show. Now YouTube's copyright strike system has taken down that original 2009 video, claiming that its rights belong to Fox (the owner company of the TV series).

In other words, Fox effectively stole this guy's video, claimed ownership, and shut it down. As of writing this I don't know if they did it deliberately of whether it was just a fully automatized process, but the end result is still the same: YouTube effectively helped Fox steal somebody else's video.

YouTube's copyright system is in dire need of a revamp. As it is now, not only does it allow people to steal your ad revenue, it also allows big corporations to steal your videos and claim ownership.

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