Saturday, May 14, 2016

Game developers will not give me even a chance to try (VR)

I have ranted quite a lot about VR, and how I find it a disappointment. I think this article at Tom's Hardware summarizes the reason quite well. And I quote:
"Early solutions included using game controllers or keyboard-and-mouse setups to use the traditional control schemes, but that approach made too many people sick, so most developers have scrapped the idea of linear movements done with a controller for VR games."
And that's the major problem I have with how VR turned out: Most developers have "scrapped the idea" (of adding VR support to traditional first-person shooter, and other similar genres), and are not going to give me even the chance to try.

Sure, this may cause nausea and motion sickness (and sure, it can be a really strong feeling, and it may last even for hours even after stopping playing). But there are actual demonstrable examples of people either not getting sick, or getting used to it. It is perfectly possible to get used to playing FPS games in VR. (Sure, there may be a percentage of people who will never get used to it, even if they try, but demonstrably many people do.)

I would be completely willing to try. If it gives me nausea, then little by little; short sessions at a time. Maybe just a few minutes, then take a long pause, over several days and weeks. Slowly but steadily get myself accustomed to it, until I don't get nausea anymore, and will be able to fully enjoy the experience.

But developers are not going to give me even the chance to try. They have decided that it "doesn't work", period. No VR for you, sorry. At least not for your favorite games nor genres.

And that's why I'm so disappointed in VR. It just "doesn't work".

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