Thursday, May 26, 2016

"Racism" on campus

White shaming and white guilt is getting more and more widespread on university campuses in the United States (and to increasing extents in some other countries).

The funny thing is that it seems that nobody is able to give any concrete examples of what the actual problem is, that needs to be addressed. There are lots of hoaxes perpetrated by non-white people (which have been increasing in numbers year after year), but little to show for actual problems.

Watch this video of the dean of Portland Community College being interviewed. They are organizing a "whiteness month", which sounds like an entire month dedicated to shaming (and, frankly, soft-oppressing) white people. The interviewer asks again and again for the dean to give some actual concrete examples of racism or other problem caused because of the "whiteness" culture, or white people. Again and again the dean just beats around the bush, alluding to vague problems, without giving a single concrete example of something that has happened. The most concrete example he gives is "complaints that are filed", but even then without giving any actual example of one of these complaints.

It seems to me that there are no such problems at universities. It's always vague things, never concrete acts. It seems to me that people have been conditioned into seeing monsters in the closet, to fear everything, and to see "racism" and "oppression" everywhere, hidden behind the surface.

And, of course, not only are white people the sole perpetrators of this hidden "racism", but moreover all white people are engaging in it, whether they know it or not. All white people are the villains here, and all non-white people are immaculate perfect innocent suffering people.

Why does this sound like an eerily similar attitude to how the nazis viewed the jews?

When did systemic racism become acceptable in universities?

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