Monday, May 30, 2016

The art of getting offended on behalf of other people

Social Justice Warriors have for many years now been offended by the American football team Washington Redskins, saying how racist and offensive that name is, and demanding it to be changed.

Recently, a poll was made among native Americans about that team name, and it turned out that 90% of them weren't bothered by it.

Ok, so controversy over? It wasn't such a huge issue after all? There might have been some cause for concern, but it turns out that it was just overreaction? After all, the people who could have been offended by that name are not offended, so the matter is closed?

Haha, of course not! Why should we listen to them? They don't know anything! They are victims, whether they know it or not. Their opinion doesn't matter. This is not a question of opinion (not even of those who are the "victims" of this blatant racism)! At least according to social justice warriors.

The article goes on and on how this shouldn't be up to a poll. Yet I am 100% sure that if the poll result had been the opposite, this exact same writer would be using the poll as an argument. It's only when the poll result is not something he likes that he dismisses it. And dismisses the opinion of the very people he is being offended on behalf of. He is denying them their agency, their ability to have their own opinion and have it affect the community. He is speaking on their behalf, against their opinion. The amount of arrogance is just astonishing.

Quite hypocritically, these exact same SJW's will tell to white heterosexual men that their opinions on minorities doesn't matter because they are not members of said minorities and haven't experienced what they have. Yet these same SJW's are quite happy to speak on behalf of minorities that they themselves don't belong to, and completely disregard their opinions and wishes.

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