Sunday, May 8, 2016

GPU power cable positioning

What sticks out in this picture like a sore thumb?

That's right: Those power cables.

I have never understood why they always position the power connectors like that. When you connect the power cables, it needlessly increases the space required by the graphic card inside the computer case. They could move those connectors just a few centimeters and put them on the end of the card rather than on its side. This way the card wouldn't require any extra space widthwise. But no. For some incomprehensible reason almost no manufacturer does that (although there are a few exceptions).

In fact, there are some server cases, especially rack cases, which are designed to have graphics cards in them (usually for computation purposes) which have an extra bulge on the cover of the case for the sole purpose of being able to fit those power cables, which are sticking on the sides of the graphics cards. This is an extra manufacturing process, and it increases the space requirement for the server, and would be completely unneeded if the graphic cards had a more sensible positioning for those power cable connectors.

Those power cable connectors are positioned as if they had been designed to be most easily accessible, as if they were something you would frequently need to connect and disconnect. But that's of course just nonsensical. Once you have installed the GPU and connected the power cables, you don't need to touch it at all anymore. (And, besides, the connectors being on the end of the card, just a few centimeters from where they are currently, eg. on the picture above, wouldn't make it any more difficult.)

(And no, if the objection is that putting the connectors on the end of the card would increment the length of the card, the connectors can be put in a recess; or the card could simply be made just a bit shorter, at least on the part where the connectors are. Anyway, I have never seen a computer case where that positioning could cause any kind of problem.)

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