Tuesday, February 2, 2016

No, men do not fake being stoic

One thing I noticed when answering the "36 questions women have for men", and in retrospect what I have noticed also before, is that many feminists have, as part of their "toxic masculinity" dogma, the notion that men have been raised to shut down and hide their emotions, and that they are just pretending and faking it when they are stoic. That they are afraid to show emotion for the fear of ridicule or something.

As women, especially feminist women who have been taught the "toxic masculinity" dogma, they seem incapable of understanding that not everybody is like them.

I'm quite stoic myself. I don't easily show emotion. No, I'm not faking or pretending. No, I'm not afraid to show emotion. That's just how I am naturally. I don't need to shut down anything. That's just how I am. It's my innate personality. I don't need to fake it or pretend anything.

This is actually very common to most men. Of course there are exceptions, but on average men are innately more stoic than women. That's just how our brains are hard-wired.

In fact, if I were to deliberately show more emotion, that would be forced, and pretending. Acting against my natural personality. Me being stoic is not an act. There is no fear of anything; I'm not deliberately stopping myself from doing anything. I'm just acting naturally.

These feminists should understand that just because they are very emotional and open about their emotions, that doesn't mean that everybody else, especially men, are also like that. People are different.

There is a reversal of cause-and-effect in all this. Feminists think that men are stoic because manly culture causes them to be so. No, it's the other way around: Manly culture is stoic because men are on average quite stoic by nature. The cause-and-effect is in that direction. Culture is dictated by innate personalities, not the other way around.

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