Thursday, February 18, 2016

Online harassment is accepted when it's the SJW's who are doing the harassing

Both social justice warriors and the media at large have during the last few years made a huge deal about online harassment. It's approximately the worst thing in this world (only behind, possibly, physical rape of a woman.) It has actually got to a point where the media depicts the internet in general, and online gaming in particular, as some kind of warzone where you just can't exist without a constant barrage of harassment. And of course all (male) gamers are misogynist sexist harassers. Obviously.

There is, however, a big double standard in this whole thing. You see, when the harassment is done by social justice warriors and the target is somebody who they don't like (ie. usually someone who is critical of them), this somehow goes under the radar, and nobody really cares about it. The social justice warriors don't talk about nor pay attention to it, the media at large doesn't talk about nor pay attention to it, and overall there seems to be some kind of strange mutual agreement of silence over the issue. It's like they all pretend that it doesn't exist.

However, the truth is that social justice warriors can be, and often are, absolutely brutal and vicious in their online harassment. We are not talking here just about calling people names and pestering them on social media. We are talking here about actual direct threats of violence, including rape and death threats, and actual doxing. And we are not talking just about a few comments here and there, but systematic and constant barrage, every single day, for years. And the harassment is often not limited to the persona non grata himself, but also to his family (for the sole reason that they happen to be family; nothing else.)

Not all media is silent about this, however. For example the journalist Jatinder Singh Nandra from the BBC recently wrote an article about the absolutely vicious and brutal online harassment that SJW-critic and pro-gamergate celebrity John Bain has received over the years by social justice warriors (which he ended up having to get therapy for, and had to close all of his social media accounts.) My hat goes off to this journalist for daring to write about this issue.

The amount of doublething, double standards and hypocrisy in the behavior of social justice warriors is just mind-boggling. These are the same people who are strongly against online harassment and want to enact laws and limitations and create tools to shut down such harassment. At the same time they have zero problems in engaging in brutal and vicious online harassment, and even doxing, themselves.

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