Thursday, February 11, 2016

Online social media becoming increasingly authoritarian

One of the biggest steps that progressive feminism is attempting to take in order to succeed is to control the narrative. "Controlling the narrative" means that in all possible avenues, be they real-life or, especially, online, only the progressive feminist perspective is given any visibility, and all dissenting opinions and criticism is silenced, censored and banned.

They have found a perfect way of achieving this: Masquerade their attempt at censorship as "fighting against hate speech and harassment". After all, no public avenue and social media platform would dare to oppose such a sentiment. Thus all such avenues and websites are in increasing numbers adopting new "anti-harassment" and "anti hate speech" policies.

The problem? They are putting the progressive feminists in charge of deciding what exactly counts as "harassment" and "hate speech".

Twitter is but the latest website to do exactly this. Facebook, Google and others have announced such plans previously.

Notice who are the members of that "trust & safety council". Basically none of them are organizations dedicated to the protection of free speech (eg. the Electronic Frontier Foundation is conspicuously not a member), and many are blatantly progressive feminist organizations (most prominently Feminist Frequency.)

Progressive feminists are notorious for classifying criticism of feminism as "harassment" and "hate speech". (Also criticism of religion, which in practice means criticism of Islam, is also likewise classified as such.)

This means in practice that any posts that promote feminist rhetoric, even if blatantly dishonest and discriminatory, even obnoxiously misandrist, will be allowed, while any criticism of feminism (or of Islam), no matter how inoffensive, non-aggressive and factual, will be classified as "harassment" and censored, and people presenting them banned.

You might be thinking that I'm making this stuff up, or exaggerating. Except it's already happening at some scale, and it's only going to get worse and worse. Just wait for it.

When feminists are given full moderator status (which is what twitter and other sites are doing), they won't stop at simply censorship and blocking. They will start banning. They will start reporting to authorities if possible, employers, and other forms of doxing. Just you wait.

There might be a slight light at the end of the tunnel, though, because most of these websites are dependent on how many users they have (because they need to make money, after all, and fewer users means less profits and ad revenue). Mass bannings, plus driving away users with totalitarian policies, will decrease their user base significantly. (This is in fact happening right now at Twitter and other such sites that have become SJW echo chambers. But with these policies it's only going to accelerate.)

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