Wednesday, February 3, 2016

When will the madness stop?

Europe is taking a completely ridiculous amount of immigrants using the excuse of them being "war refugees", even though everybody knows that only a small part of them are actual refugees from Syria. There have been reports that in some countries less than 10% of the "refugees" are actually from Syria. I wouldn't be surprised if the numbers are similar in most countries.

The mass immigration could very well be described as an invasion. We are talking about millions of "refugees", most of which are not. Germany alone has taken over a million of them.

And the thing is, there is no end in sight for this madness. Europe keeps going and going and going, taking more and more "refugees" every single day. We are talking about thousands of "refugees" every day. And it goes on and on and on, and they just aren't stopping.

We are actually reaching the point where "refugees" are actually been taken secretly, without telling the public. For example very recently there was a mass protest in a town in Romania when the people discovered that the government was going to create a refugee center in secret, without telling the people.

I must ask: When will this madness stop? How far must it go before Europe finally says that enough is enough?

I'm asking that completely seriously. How far? What needs to happen before they stop it? An armed attack against the country's military? An attempted coup d'etat? A mass murder of genocidal proportions? The destruction of entire cities? What? What needs to happen before enough is enough?

I repeat: The majority of these immigrants are not war refugees from Syria. Using the "refugee crisis" and the Syrian war as an excuse does not fly anymore. The vast majority of these immigrants are from other countries, do not have a real reason to seek refuge, and are essentially bypassing the immigration laws of every country. They are, effectively, invading Europe en masse.

When will it stop? When the entirety of Europe becomes Islamic or is completely destroyed? When?

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