Sunday, February 14, 2016

Are female-only companies more conflict-free?

Some time ago I wrote a blog post about my opinion on girls-only school (and other similar) events, pointing out how they inadvertently give girls the exact opposite message of what is intended.

One concept that events like that rides on, a concept that's quite popular among progressive feminists, is that boys and men are a lot more competitive, while girls and women are much more social, amicable, cooperative and conflict-free. Which ostensibly would mean that a group of women could work together much more harmoniously and free of conflicts and problems than a group of men, or a mixed group. After all, the women are not competitive, and instead are very social and would thus be much better at communicating and cooperating, and there would be no infighting getting in the way of doing a good job.



Let me present you a counter-example: A producer launches a women-only TV company, which soon crumbles due to severe infighting and constant conflict.

You see, women might be on average less competitive than men... when dealing with men. However, women can be, and often are, extremely competitive among themselves. And we are usually talking about the exact wrong kind of competition. The kind that ends up in actual fighting, bickering, defamation, gossiping, and so on.

(While it's not relevant per se, as a side note this is probably also something that can be traced to our evolutionary past, as it was common for females to fight among themselves for the attention of the most prominent males. I know this sounds really politically incorrect, but I'm not trying to denigrate anybody here. I'm looking at it from a completely pragmatic evolutionary perspective, with no judgment, and no ill will.)

This is yet another thing where feminists just cannot see the bigger picture, and are concentrating only on a small part of it, and pretending that it's the only part.

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