Monday, July 9, 2018

The importance of the United States 2020 presidential election

As I have commented in a past blog post, the 2016 presidential election of the United States was really important. Not because Trump would be the best president in existence, but because the election result was a hit in the collective faces of the leftist media. The media thought that it controls the narrative and it decides the results of elections. (It's hilarious to watch compilation videos where news outlets were giving completely made-up figures like 98% chances that Hillary Clinton was going to win, and opinion pieces on how Trump's defeat would be unprecedented in the history of the country, and would be an enormous blow to the conservative party. The faces of these reporters is worth watching when the reality of things started dawning on them. It's priceless.) So no, the media doesn't elect presidents. The people elect presidents.

Unfortunately the leftist media, and the left, didn't learn anything from this. Instead, an absolutely insane Trump derangement syndrome started, has continued literally non-stop over this year and a half, and is not showing any sign of declining. On the contrary, it's only getting more and more radical by the week. It's probably going to continue, and continue to escalate, during the entire presidency.

If Trump's presidency lasts for the entire 4 years and he runs for president again, I really hope that he wins again. For several reasons.

It's quite clear that the extreme left is not going to stop. Just imagine the tantrums, the craziness, the propaganda, and the violence, for 8 years straight, non-stop. It's only going to escalate and escalate. If this indeed happens, I fear that there will be victims of this escalation. Even deaths.

It's horrible to wish for something that might start causing deaths. However, this might be inevitable and, in a perverse way, better in the long run. The regressive left needs to be destroyed, and the only way that's going to happen is if it destroys itself. Nobody else in a free democratic constitutional country is going to destroy it, so the only hope for any sort of sanity to be restored is if it destroys itself. And the best chances of the extremist left being destroyed is if they do it to themselves via their own actions. Becoming radicalized beyond a critical threshold, escalating beyond this threshold, might just do that. Perhaps, at some point, the majority of the population, even the ones on the moderate left, will be completely fed up with the tantrums and the violence.

The alternative, ie. Trump does not win, and instead whatever regressive leftist candidate winning, might be much worse, for everybody (including, ironically, the very extremist leftists themselves.) As has been seen countless times, and become worse and worse, the regressive left has a really strong mentality of "revenge" in order to try to fix any injustices they perceive as existing. It's not enough for them to simply remove these perceived injustices from society. No, they want "revenge". They want to strip away the rights, privileges and even property of the "oppressors". They don't want equality by lifting up the "oppressed". They want equality by dragging down the people "in power". That is to say, the people they think are in power. (That is to say, all white people.)

Ironically, rather than Trump creating the totalitarian regime that the extreme left is talking about, it may well be that whichever regressive leftist candidate wins the 2020 election may start creating such a thing. Depending on how powerful this new leftist president becomes, people's rights and freedoms may start to be eroded, starting with freedom of speech and congregation. Propaganda and indoctrination campaigns will be enacted in grade schools. People's rights and freedoms will be limited.

Moreover, international relationships may start becoming worse and worse. Trump's work with making peace with North Korea may be reverted. Relationships with Russia may worsen. Highly, highly ironically, international relationships might become so bad that the US might go to war with some country. (This isn't at all an unrealistic prediction, given how many wars the US fought during Obama's presidency. And Obama was a really moderate leftist, who wanted strict border control.) The inflood of illegal immigrants into the country may worsen tenfold, bringing with it the same problems as Europe is seeing.

In the end, even the extreme regressive left may suffer from the results, so I hope even for their sake that they don't win.

I fear that they might, though. One thing that was noted in the 2016 presidential election was that many leftists skipped voting, largely because the media convinced them that Hillary was going to win anyways, so there was no need to vote. That will definitely change in 2020.

Perhaps the only hope is that the regressive left has alienated so many fence-sitters that those will swing the results in favor of Trump. Trump might not be the best president in existence, but he's certainly the better option, compared to the violent anti-free-speech open-borders authoritarian left.

One thing that will definitely happen in 2020, if Trump runs again for president, is that people in other countries will heavily rally for whoever is his opponent. There will be a high deal of irony and hypocrisy here. The current narrative of the American left, and the leftist media in particular, is that other countries have no business in affecting the American elections. Even presenting an opinion is according to them affecting the elections. You will most certainly not see that argument presented in 2020, when other countries will inevitably chime in and rally for the other candidate to be elected. I can predict and guarantee this with 100% certainty.

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