Saturday, July 7, 2018

Abolishing borders and border control is completely asinine

Fueled by the Trump Derangement Syndrome, especially in the United States a larger and larger movement, which in that country is even starting to take hold of more and more of the Democratic Party (ie. the "liberal party", ie. from the two majority political parties the one on the "left" side of the political spectrum), has formed that not only wants unrestricted immigration and stopping all deportations, but in fact actively wants to go so far as to remove the entire concept of the country having borders, and the country existing at all. This is no exaggeration or wild interpretation. This is directly and exactly what they are saying.

All of these people are extreme xenophiles. They just love immigrants (non-white ones, of course, because all white people are evil.) To them mass immigration is pretty much essentially their religion. They can't stop gushing about it.

It seems that all these people live in some kind of fantasy world where they think that if it weren't for white people, the world would be a huge hippie community where everybody is nice and cooperative, and there would be no crime and no evil, and everybody would live happy, singing Kumbaya around campfires.

At the same time they strongly and vehemently maintain that it's the responsibility of the west, and in this particular case of the United States, to help and take in refugees who are fleeing war and oppression (and, of course, it's enough for those people to simply claim that they are. Listen and believe without question or scrutiny.)

This is actually a cognitive dissonance that they aren't aware of. They accept that there's war and oppression in some of those foreign African and Middle-East countries... but they happily shove off from their minds who exactly is it that are waving those wars and oppressing those people. It's not white people who are doing so. (And even if it were, it makes little difference to the actual point I'm making in this post, but anyway.)

The question is: If there are no border, no border control, absolutely no limit on who can enter the country... what exactly is stopping those same oppressors, those dictators, those military forces, from also entering the country alongside the "refugees"?

Remember, these extreme leftists want to remove the concept of borders and the United States being a country completely, to remove all barriers of entry, and to let anybody to enter the land completely freely and without restriction, and to completely abolish the concept of deporting people out of the land. So what exactly is their suggestion to stop those exact same foreign governments and military forces from also entering the country and seizing all they want and killing, enslaving and oppressing people?

What happens if some foreign force, like China, or North Korea, or Pakistan, or Syria, or whatever, starts thinking "hey, that country has stopped declaring itself a country, has stopped enforcing its borders, has stopped effectively having a government... Let's just invade it and take all of its resources and its people for ourselves." What exactly is going to stop this? What exactly is going to stop a foreign military force from invading and imposing its own totalitarian regime on this former independent country?

If the answer is "well, the United States military will still exist to stop such invasions"... what "United States military"? If there is no "United States", there is no "United States military". If there are no borders, what exactly are they going to defend? Where exactly is the line where a foreign invading military force isn't allowed to cross without repercussion? If there are no borders, where is this line?

And who exactly is going to pay for this military, if there is no country? If there is no country, there are no citizens, and no government. If there are no citizens and no government, there are no taxes. The entire military complex will just collapse and cease to exist, something that these extreme leftists would surely advocate for and celebrate, if asked. Up until that foreign military force invades the country and enacts a totalitarian regime.

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