Sunday, March 25, 2018

Social justice is a supremacist movement

One criticism presented against the so-called third-wave feminism (which has become essentially completely synonymous with multiculturalist social justice ideology) is its lacks of clear, unambiguous and consistent goals (unlike the so-called first-wave and second-wave feminism movements of the past.) The modern social justice feminist movement seems to be a hotchpotch of a myriad different ideologies, goals and opinions, sometimes even contradictory ones, in a confusing mess.

I have to disagree with that. There is one clear goal of the modern social justice feminist ideology: Gaining absolute power and control over society.

If you think about the things that social justice warriors advocate and demand, in the end they are all about controlling people: Controlling people's behavior, controlling people's thoughts, controlling people's actions, and overall controlling peoples lives. In other words, controlling all of society. Having ultimate power over it.

Notice how the social justice ideology seldom advocates for protecting and expanding people's rights and freedoms. Instead, the vast majority of their demands consists of restrictions, restrictions, and more restrictions. Also, forcing people to behave in certain manners, such as compelled speech.

Advocating for people's free speech, their right to say whatever opinions and criticism they want, does not allow exerting power and control over them. Restricting people's free speech and free expression does.

Allowing employees and corporations to freely hire the most suited person for the job, as they so choose, does not allow exerting control over them. Forcing them to engage in hiring quotas does.

Forcing people to behave in a certain manner, avoid certain words, or forcing them to use certain words, allows exerting power and control over them.

Whatever the social justice ideology demands, it's always about power and control. Even if that means demanding one thing today, and the opposite thing tomorrow.

Consider, for example, the complete change in ideology with regards to cultural appreciation. In the past, the narrative was that we should learn, get to know, try, respect, and embrace other cultures, in order to appreciate and understand them. When people of all cultures join together, and understand and appreciate each other and each other's cultures, what better way to build a world-wide hippie community where we all can sing Kumbaya around a campfire, and we all will be happy and peaceful.

However, this idea has one big problem with regards to the social justice ideology: It doesn't allow those in the upper echelons of the movement to exert power and dominance over people and society. It's giving people too many freedoms with no restrictions. How do you control people when they are allowed to freely do whatever they want?

Therefore the narrative is now completely reversed: Embracing and trying other cultures, trying their customs and practices, is now forbidden. It's not "cultural appreciation" anymore. It's "cultural appropriation". And it's horrible, and atrocious, and completely banned. If you dare to try something from another culture, you will be crucified as a horrible oppressive colonialist racist.

The fact that forbidding people from trying and embracing other cultures may increase prejudice and racism doesn't matter. What matters is them being able to exert power and control over people's lives. (In fact, from the point of view of social justice ideology, that's actually perfect! They want racism and prejudice to increase, in order to gain even more ammunition to exert power over people.)

Start paying attention to what social justice warriors are saying, and what they are demanding, and notice how much of it seeks to restrict, compel, and exert power, control and dominance over people's behavior and lives.

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