Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ethnonationalism and racial supremacy is ok when black people do it

Suppose a group of people advocated for countries where there are only white people, with completely closed and tightly secured borders, where almost no foreigner is allowed to enter. A group of people that advocates for racial purity, for a country run by white people, for white people, and composed almost solely of white people, where all the top leadership positions are held by white people, where white culture is held in high regard, and where only relationships between white people are tolerated. In other words, extreme ethnonationalism.

There are, in fact, such groups of people. And they are universally hated, vilified, demonized and attacked, by pretty much all sides (perhaps slightly less on the right-wing side of the political spectrum, but there is plenty of criticism on that side as well).

But what happens if there's a group of people that pretty much advocates for those exact same things, but for black people? Black-only countries, where everything is run by black people, there are essentially no white people, with tight border control that allows no foreigners to enter, and so on and so forth.

Well, surprise surprise, the media fawns all over it, and exalts it as a great and virtuous thing. Suddenly all the media, at large, just can't stop talking about it, how great of a thing it is, and how it empowers black people and their culture.

This is exactly the narrative with the Marvel movie Black Panther, which depicts such a totalitarian closed ethnostate. The media and celebrities everywhere are praising the depiction of this black-only closed ethnostate, precisely because it's so monocultural and monoracial, because of its racial purity and its tight border control, and precisely because the evil white people are not allowed in.

The movie itself is, objectively speaking, just slightly above average in quality. Compared to other modern superhero movies, pretty average. Mediocre even. There's nothing extraordinary or mind-blowing about it, in terms of quality or enterainment. It doesn't come even close to the sensation that was eg. the first Avengers movie.

However, due to the racial narrative, the leftist media has been artificially and deliberately pushing the movie to be considered the best movie ever. Dissenting opinions and criticism are not allowed, and are being actively shunned and attacked.

None of that is being done because the movie is so good. It isn't. It's mediocre. All of that is being done because the movie depicts, at least in the leftist mind, a black ethnonationalistic supremacist ideology. Exactly the sort of ideology that's so vilified and demonized when it's some group of white people doing it. This movie represents black supremacy, and you are going to like it, and if you don't, you will just have to shut up, unless you want to be called a racist. Because it's not racist when it's about black supremacy and ethnonationalism. Multiculturalism is needed only when it's done on predominantly white countries.

On a side note, I really love when these people use the term "black culture", which they keep repeating over and over like a mantra.

To them, apparently all black people are one monolithic group with a single culture. There are hundreds of millions of black people in this world, yet to these people it seems that they are all part of the one and same group, with their one single "black culture" (whatever that means).

This completely disregards the wide variety of very different cultures between societies of black people, everywhere in Africa and other continents. In Africa alone you can travel from one country to the neighboring one, or even from one village to the next, and encounter a vastly different set of cultural norms, ideas and practices. Africa is culturally very diverse and rich.

But no, these leftist cucks talk about "black culture" is if they were all one single monolithic group, joined together by their skin pigmentation. Which is highly ironic, because this is precisely the ideology of old-fashioned redneck racists, who think all black people are the same.

I would say that the term "black culture", in this context, when talking about all black people as if they were all one and the same, disregarding their differences and individual cultural backgrounds, is a racist term.

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