Friday, March 23, 2018

France got the leader the voted for

In the 2017 French presidential election there were two major presidential candidates. Somewhat curiously, these opposing candidates were quite similar to the two major candidates in the 2016 American presidential election. Except, perhaps in some way ironically, with the genders reversed.

Marine Le Pen is a quite conservative politician who rallied for tighter immigration policies and a much more critical attitude towards the European Union. In other words, she holds political views that are commonly described as "right-wing" (even though in my opinion they are more centrist in nature; but in the current overwhelmingly left-leaning sociopolitical climate everything that's not extreme left is "right-wing".)

Emmanuel Macron, on the other hand, is an extremist leftist (perhaps only surpassed on this front by that circus clown that somehow got to be Canada's prime minister). Open borders even more, expansion of the powers of the European Union, the whole shebang.

While the candidates were quite similar to the ones in the American presidential election, the electorate was not. The main difference is that Europe at large, and obviously France in particular, has been subjected over the past couple of decades to an unrelenting non-stop barrage of one-sided biased leftist propaganda by the media, pretty much completely unopposed and without dissenting views of any notoriety or visibility.

There is, of course, a lot of propaganda in the United States as well. The difference is that there are two opposing factions there, both with an about equal amount of followers and support from the electorate. Likewise any political propaganda there is, is pretty much equally represented. Any claims made by the press on one side will be countered and criticized by the other side.

This is not the case in Europe at all. Pretty much the entirety of the press is completely one-sided, extreme leftist, and can run their propaganda campaigns without having to face any criticism or counterpoints from the other side, because there is no "other side". There is only one side in the European press. (There exist right-leaning publications in Europe, of course, but they are extremely small and isolated, and the vast majority of people are not even aware of their existence. And even the majority of those who are aware, are propagandized to ignore and dismiss them.)

Thus it's no wonder that Macron won the election easily, pretty much by a landslide. The press simply had to call Le Pen a nazi, and that was enough to scare the majority of the electorate away from her. (The same tactic didn't work in the United States because the electorate, and the media, is much more evenly split.)

And, what do you know, France has now got the leader they voted for. Macron has turned out to be quite the despot. The working class of France is being screwed over by Macron's changes in economic policies. The disgruntled members of the working class are saying that Macron has essentially made himself the King of France. Meaning that he has become, in essence, a totalitarian despot.

You see, France is in theory a parliamentarian democracy. All law changes must go through the parliamentarian process, and voted in parliament. However, there is an exemption to this principle granted to the president: The president can issue an executive order, which is implemented immediately, and bypasses the parliamentarian voting process.

In principle presidential executive orders ought to be reserved for extreme circumstances only, to matters that require extreme urgency, such as for example situations of natural disasters, a sudden and imminent war or threat of war, a coup d'├ętat, or other sort of catastrophe or situation that needs a very quick reaction and response from the government, and there is simply no time to go through the lengthy and bureaucratic parliamentarian process.

It is not intended for regular laws that have no immediate urgency. Yet, Macron is abusing the presidential power exactly for that purpose: To bypass the parliamentarian process in order to enact his own personal policies as laws. He is passing laws in this manner that are screwing over the working class of the country, and they are not happy, and organizing massive protests.

Incidentally, the terrorist organization antifa is taking an opportunity and infiltrating these protests in order to destroy public and private property, prompting the police forces to attack the protesters with violence. The working class protesters are being caught in this same figurative crossfire along the terrorists. This might all be incidental and serendipitous, but I wouldn't be surprised if Macron were happy about the police having a convenient excuse to shut down the protests and arrest protesters.

So, congratulations France. You got the leader you voted for. The despot you voted for, and who is now abusing his power to destroy your economy and your country. I hope you are happy now.

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  1. Just a regular occurrence in France since 1789.