Friday, February 9, 2018

Why does the west hate itself so much?

For a couple of decades now, and in an ever-increasing manner, the multiculturalists, and more nowadays the feminist social justice warriors, have quite clearly and expressly indicated their absolute hatred of western society and culture, and the desire to replace it with the cultures from Africa and the Middle East (and pretty much nowhere else).

This has been a common sentiment among many European countries, and they have expressed this more and more openly as time has passed. For example, some time ago a parliamentarian representative in Germany, in her speech to the parliament, expressed how in about 20 years the native Germans will become a minority in the larger cities, and then she explicitly said that's a "good thing". Another politician in some kind of press conference explicitly talked about the "dehomogenization" of Germany and Europe, as a good thing, referring to immigration.

As always, Sweden has been on the forefront of this sentiment. Over ten years ago, quite well before any other European country started openly saying such things, a Swedish parliamentarian representative told in a press interview how "Sweden does not belong to the Swedish people", when talking about the massive amounts of immigration to the country.

In general, the multiculturalists have always presented absolute hatred of the native culture of their own countries, and a love for people who look different (ie. their skin color is not white). For a couple of decades now (and even longer in the case of Sweden), the majority of the press in European countries has engaged in a propaganda campaign, in fact a smearing campaign, against the local culture of the country. In Finland, for example, the press has been at it for a couple of decades now, regularly printing opinion pieces about how horrendous and detrimental the Finnish culture is, how we are "wife-beaters", drunkards, and of course deeply racist to the core, racism being everywhere at every moment. (To prove this, the Finnish press has several times exaggerated, distorted and even outright fabricated stories out of thin air. For example in one case a newspaper published a story about an immigrant being stabbed for racist reasons, and the Finnish police had to issue a public statement that no stabbings of any kind had occurred anywhere at all, much less one of an immigrant. The newspaper had completely fabricated the story out of thin air.) For a couple of decades the press has been in a constant quest to prove how deeply racist and detrimental the local culture is, and how much greater the foreign cultures of dark-skinned people are.

And that's just in Finland. In Sweden the propaganda campaign has been orders of magnitude worse. And I'm not exaggerating a bit.

In fact, Sweden hates its own society and its own cultural heritage so much, and loves Muslim dark-skinned people so much, that they recently appointed a Pakistani Muslim as their head of National Heritage Board.

Ok, maybe this is a long-time Swedish citizen who has a degree in Swedish history and decades of knowledge and experience in Swedish culture and history? Maybe the choice makes sense? Maybe it is a case of hiring the most qualified person for the job, regardless of what his background or skin color might be (which is how it should be)?

No. According to his own words, the man has no knowledge of Swedish history or cultural heritage at all, having never read or studied it in any way.

It is quite clear that he was hired because he's a Middle-Eastern Muslim, not because of his qualifications.

Ok, maybe he's not currently all that competent, but he's willing to study hard, learn, and do his job to the best of his abilities?

Again, no. He is actually changing the policies of the society, to significantly downplay Swedish native culture and history, and to bring the virtues Islam to the forefront. He is, in fact, a Muslim activist, not somebody who is especially interested in Swedish culture and history.

But this reflects exactly what the Swedish government wants. The Swedish government wants to destroy Sweden, its culture, and its history, and replace it with Islam.

I wish Sweden was the only country doing that. Sadly, it isn't.

But the question remains: Why? Why do European countries hate themselves so much, and want themselves to be destroyed and replaced with Islam? This wasn't the case a mere 20 years ago. Why now?

I'm not aware of any culture in history that hated itself so much that it wanted itself to be destroyed and conquered by a foreign culture. This might be some kind of first-time in human history.

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