Saturday, February 3, 2018

The raise and fall of Sweden

In the 70's and 80's Sweden was the pinnacle of a welfare state. Almost an utopia.

Literacy was, of course, 100%. Basically every single person had a grade school education, and almost every single person had a high school education. Getting a university-degree education was available to basically anybody, with the help of the government. Unemployment was relatively low.

Nobody had to live in poverty or on the streets. Any person in financial need could get help from the government for a home and a decent living. However, these people were the minority, and the average person lived extremely well, compared to the average in the world. In fact, the so-called "working class" for the most part lived a life of what most of the rest of the world would classify as the "middle class" (most people could afford a decently-sized house, at least one car, luxuries at home, vacations to distant countries every year, and so on.)

Anybody in need of any sort of medical help could get it quickly and for free, and the quality of healthcare was extremely high. It didn't matter if you have a sprained ankle or needed a heart transplant surgery, you got it.

Crime was relatively low, and the country overall was extremely safe. The farther you lived from big cities, the safer. In a small town, a young woman could walk on the streets at night with her purse full of cash without any sort of fear. Typically the usual problems in such small towns was the town drunk getting put in the county jail for the night. Sounds like a huge cliché, but it's true.

All of the above is actually true for all Nordic Countries, but Sweden was, perhaps, in a manner of speaking, a kind of "poster boy" for this kind of Nordic welfare state utopia. Some kind of pinnacle.

Then, some time in the 80's and especially the 90's, for some reason Sweden took antiracism, multiculturalism and xenophilia as its unofficial state religion. That's when things started slowly changing.

It's hard to understand why. Sweden has never really been a colonialist country in the past, it has never been a country known for engaging in slavery or slave trade, nor for exploiting African or Asian countries. There shouldn't be much of a national guilt. Yet Sweden started to hate itself, to view itself as deeply and inherently "racist", and to become extremely xenophilic.

One fundamental action to combat the perceived racism is to start taking in as many African immigrants as possible. It's hard to understand the logic of how taking tons of African immigrants helps fighting racism, but that's one of the most fundamental ideas of anti-racism and multiculturalism. "Our nation is deeply racist, therefore we need to take as many African immigrants as possible." How that's supposed to eradicate the racism is anybody's guess, but that's just how they think.

Thus Sweden started taking thousands and thousands of African immigrants every year. More and more of them every passing year. Quickly the number grew to several tens of thousands every year. In 2009 the 100 thousand immigrants per year landmark was broken. Sweden simply couldn't get enough of them. It was like Sweden was addicted to getting as many African immigrants as possible. In a country of less than 10 million people, over one million now consists of immigrants. And this just in a period of 20 or 30 years. That might be some kind of world record in contemporary history.

Of course since the vast majority of African immigrants are Muslim, and knowing what the average attitude of Muslims is towards western values, suddenly taking that many Muslim immigrants at once started causing more and more problems.

But part of the Swedish antiracism religion was an airtight censorship campaign. Which the press at large, for some unfathomable reason, complied to completely willingly on its own accord, without the government even having to pressure it into doing it. Crimes and crime statistics by immigrants were routinely under-reported and even completely censored by the press, and the vast majority of the Swedish population was kept in a complete dark about it. Instead, the press engaged in a wide pro-immigration propaganda campaign, exalting the virtues of immigration, and how it's a great thing, and how it's a boost to the country's economy and well-being. (Any evidence of the contrary was, of course, completely censored and hidden.)

It's hard to understand why the press was willingly engaging in this kind of self-censorship and propaganda campaign, but that's just how the anti-racist multiculturalist ideology works. And the scary thing is that it worked: The vast majority of Swedes completely bought it. To this day a good majority of them still think that massive unrestricted Muslim immigration is a good thing, boosts the economy, brings more money to the country than it consumes, and that the crime rates of immigrants is very low (on par with, or even lower than the crime rates of native Swedes.) Even with all the evidence of the contrary that's finally surfacing, most Swedes still live in the propaganda era, and deny themselves the facts.

When the first "no-go zones" appeared in some Swedish immigrant-majority suburbs, for the longest time the government and the press completely denied their existence to the public and to the world. The police knew about these places, medical emergency staff knew about these places, but the government and the press kept denying their existence, for something like a decade.

"No-go zones" are areas in certain Muslim-majority suburbs where neither the police nor medical emergency staff dare to go without good reason, and without being accompanied by large police escorts. Lone police officers refuse to go there. Ambulances refuse to go there without a police escort. (This is not just a rumor or a fabrication. Some years ago the TV program 60 minutes went to one of these "no-go zones", and they interviewed a police officer who directly told them that he wouldn't be entering that zone, in order to avoid causing any "disturbances".)

Over the past decade or so the number of these "no-go zones" has steadily increased, and become more and more radicalized. It has now reached the point that even the Swedish press cannot hide nor deny it anymore. After all, when you have gangs of Muslim immigrants roaming the streets with automatic rifles, and several pass-by shootings, one even against a police station, and several bomb attacks, with the police completely helpless to do anything about it, it's hard to keep denying it.

That's right, a police station near one of these suburbs is currently renovating and adding bullet-proof protections because it was attacked by a pass-by shooting with automatic rifles. To my understanding the shooters were never caught, and are in fact roaming the streets of these suburbs pretty much freely, with the police not daring to do anything about it. Currently government officials are talking about deploying the military to these zones.

Moreover, the resources of the police are very limited. Muslim immigrants roaming the streets carrying automatic rifles, and bomb attacks, are of course not the only crimes that are happening. Muggings, rapes and other violent crimes by immigrants have been soaring for the past 20 or so years, and there is no end in sight for them. And the police is mostly helpless about it. In fact, the majority of rapes are not investigated at all. Case after case is showing up where women, and even very young girls, are being raped, and nothing is done to their rapists, who are free to roam the streets, sometimes even taunting their victims. Polls show that at least one in three women in Sweden do not feel safe walking the streets anymore.

All this is, of course, taking a toll on Swedish economy. There is a housing crisis of unprecedented proportions, and it's only a matter of time before the Swedish economy will collapse. Sweden is still managing, somehow, thanks to all the tax-payer money, but it's only a matter of time before that's not enough.

Given all this, it's hard for the press to be silent about it anymore. The "no-go zones" have slowly changed from being completely denied and alleged to be just racist propaganda, to being a well-known public secret, to be just public knowledge. The same goes for violent crimes by immigrants. The Swedish press is slowly lifting the veil hiding all these things, under the overwhelming evidence.

Yet, still, the effects of the old anti-racist pro-immigration xenophilic propaganda persists, even to this day. Even though by now pretty much everybody knows about these problems, nobody can still say out loud that the problems are caused by and the crimes committed by Muslim immigrants. The crimes, the criminal gangs, the rapes, the bombings, the shootings, the no-go zones... they can already be talked about a bit... but don't you dare say out loud who is committing these crimes. If you dare to say that they are committed by Muslim immigrants, you will be roasted, attacked and shunned. Everybody knows it, but nobody is allowed to say it. The decades-old multiculturalist code words, like "youths", "boys" and "gangs" can be used, but don't you dare to utter the word "immigrant", and especially not "Muslim", in this context. You wouldn't want to be a racist, now would you?

Sweden is slowly becoming the same kind of shithole country that it's importing. Does it have any future left anymore? What was once a pinnacle of a safe and peaceful welfare country is becoming a hellhole. Suburb by suburb. And the scary thing is that Sweden is still importing thousands and thousands of African immigrants every single year, regardless of all this. It's like they have an addiction they cannot control. It's the typical self-destructive behavior of a drug-addict.

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