Wednesday, February 28, 2018

How social justice racism is actually killing people and countries

Here in the western countries, so far, the social justice ideology has been little more than a nuisance. Sure, institutions and even governments are slowly becoming more and more totalitarian, slowly eroding human right after human right, slowly creating Orwellian totalitarian regimes where people are punished for wrongthink, and the social justice cult is seeping into the education system, being inculcated into people from an earlier and earlier age. However, so far the death toll caused by this is relatively low.

But the modern racist social justice ideology is not restricted to western countries. It is, in fact, rampant in many African countries. And in many cases there it goes to absolute extremes, even destroying the economy of the entire country.

Zimbabwe is, perhaps, the most famous example. For something like a century Zimbabwe was pretty much a cornucopia: It was a quite rich country, full of lush and extremely productive farmland. In fact, for decades Zimbabwe exported humanitarian aid in the form of food and farm products to surrounding countries, which were struggling with poverty and famine.

The problem? Well, "problem". The vast majority of those farms and land were owned and run by white people. At some point the Zimbabwean government decided to take revenge on these white farmers because of the colonialism of their distant ancestors, confiscated all of their land, and kicked them out of the country.

As a result, in less than a decade the country devolved from one of the richest countries in Africa to one of the poorest. A state-wide famine followed, and while in previous decades it was Zimbabwe that brought humanitarian aid to surrounding countries, the roles quickly became reversed, and it were the surrounding countries that had to start helping Zimbabwe and its starving citizens. The country suffered a total economic collapse, and one of the worst hyperinflations in the history of humanity.

Because of this, the Zimbabwean government pleaded for the white farmers to come back. But mind you, just to run the farms. It wasn't going to give ownership of the land back to them, just have them run the farms as lackeys. You can guess how well that went.

Zimbabwe isn't the only African country doing this to this day. Other countries have clearly not learned anything from Zimbabwe, and are going down the same path. Perhaps the second most prominent example of this is South Africa. This was arguably the richest country in the entire continent, and one with a very infamous racist past.

And the Zimbabwean history is repeating right now there, but even worse. The South African government is not exactly outright confiscating farmlands from white owners, but they are in fact doing something worse: The government is actively killing these farmlands, by deliberately and purposefully overtaxing them, denying them basic support and services, and even encouraging vandalism and crime against them. Farmland after farmland in South Africa, which was for decades lush and productive, is becoming a barren deserted wasteland, with not even weeds growing. Farm animals are all dying, buildings are being abandoned and sometimes even actively sabotaged. And, moreover, farm owner after farm owner is actually being murdered by mobs of people, with the implicit blessing of the government.

In many cases, when a white land owner either leaves the country or is murdered and leaves no heir, the land is taken by natives, and in most cases the farms are left completely abandoned, with no cultivation of any kind.

Moreover, South Africa, as a quite modern nation, is big in industry, but the government is actively killing it too, by enacting completely racist enforced employment quotas. Hundreds and hundreds, even thousands, of highly qualified engineers and other professionals are being kicked out of their job solely because of their skin color, and replaced with significantly less qualified people. International corporations operating in the country are struggling with a lack of skilled labor and management because the government is actively stopping them from hiring people of the wrong skin color, and in fact forcing them to fire people for the same reason.

South Africa is on the brink of a complete economic collapse, and a famine of unprecedented proportions, because of the blatant racism of the government of the country.

Sure, the government has been blatantly racist in the other direction in the past. However, that doesn't excuse the current government pretty much destroying the economy of the country, just out of spite against white people, most of whom have absolutely nothing to do with past atrocities and injustices, their only sin being having been born there with the "wrong" skin color to the "wrong" people.

And the sad thing is that the social justice cult is so bigoted, so brainwashed by hatred and propaganda, that they will never admit that this has gone too far. They will always blame white people, and root for these types of measures, even while the people of the country are dying of starvation. (Even in the mildest of cases they will close their eyes and ears and completely ignore what's happening there. They don't really care about what's best for the people they are supposed to be fighting for.)

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