Saturday, February 10, 2018

It's totalitarianism if Trump does it

Chuck Schumer, a member of the American Democratic Party (the "liberals", the "left", for those unacquainted with the terminology) is the senior United States senator from New York. A couple of years ago he proposed a military parade honoring the soldiers returning from Afganistan, for their services fighting against terrorism. A full-blown military parade with all bells and whistles, military bands, fly-overs, and everything.

Recently Donald Trump proposed a military parade of similar magnitude pretty much for the same thing.

Of course since now it's Donald Trump who is proposing a military parade, he's being compared to North Korea, and called a totalitarian dictator. And guess who is among those publicly attacking Trump for this proposal? You guessed it, Chuck Schumer himself. Who, if you already forgot it, proposed pretty much the exact same thing himself just a couple of years ago. It seems that at least he himself forgot it. To my knowledge to this day Schumer has not commented on why his proposal was ok but Trump's isn't.

Of course, when it's Trump doing it, it must be a bad thing.

It's quite funny to see those YouTube videos about some guy interviewing people, eg. university students, reading them things that Trump has said about things like ISIS, terrorism and illegal immigration, and asking them what they think about it.

The kicker is, after their disapproval, it's revealed to them that actually those were not things that Donald Trump has said, but Barack Obama. It's just so sweet to see them struggling to justify their previous disapproval.

And yes, even anti-ISIS comments by Barack Obama are being criticized by these people, when they think that it was Trump who said those things. That's how far the anti-Trump mentality goes. They will even defend ISIS. Now let that sink in.

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  1. Reminds me of these videos done years ago about how easily people are manipulated.

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