Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Predictions for the near future, part 7

A couple of posts in this series have now been about the ever-increasing blatant racism that the regressive social justice warriors are exhibiting. There is, however, another aspect of their ideology that I haven't touched much before: Misandry.

The adage "all men are potential rapists" goes way back, but in recent years that sentiment has only become more and more prevalent, in many forms.

Social justice warriors just love to repeat the results of a completely shoddy "study" some years back that showed that one in five female university students have been the victims of sexual assault. Even though the authors of the study themselves admitted that the study is completely flawed and shouldn't be trusted, and the number is a complete exaggeration, social justice warriors don't care. They keep repeating that number as the holy gospel.

In fact, they go even further than that. You'll hear a "one in four" figure, and even a "one in three" figure, which are complete ass-pulls based on absolutely nothing, not even flawed studies. In their eternal quest of misandry, social justice warriors will go to any lengths, and invent any lies they want.

It's quite clear what will happen in the near future: The claimed numbers will be inflated, and the severity of crimes (alleged or real) will be greatly exaggerated.

And the type of crimes will be expanded. Some social justice warriors are already starting to touch the subject of men murdering women. This will be expanded to ridiculous extents. I predict that in the near future the narrative will be pushed that men murder women in disproportionate amounts. And precisely men murder their dates, girlfriends, and spouses. If a woman says "no" to a man in a date, chances are that he'll murder her, will be the narrative. And of course they will fabricate numbers to support this claim.

Demands for society to discriminate against men will increase. Men will be demanded to have reduced salaries (much lower than those of women), for the sole reason that they are men. Men will be demanded to be fired from their jobs, for the sole reason that they are men. Discrimination in hiring, enrollment, and everything, will be demanded more and more. Men will be demanded to step down from higher positions, for the sole reason that they are men. Special taxes will be demanded from men. Women-only services and establishments, from which men are banned, will be demanded and to some extent even created. Discrimination against men in the court of law will be demanded more and more, with less and less evidence needed to sentence a man. (If there ever will exist social justice courts, they will be complete kangaroo courts.)

Conversely, the narrative that women are perfect angels incapable of any wrongdoing will be kept pushed more and more. In the same way as "black people can't be racists", it will be "women can't commit crimes". Prosecuting and sentencing women will be demanded to be stopped, and women's prisons will be demanded to be closed. Police officers doing anything at all to a woman, no matter what she's doing, will be considered a sexist crime.

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