Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The American left has completely lost their minds

When a bit over a year ago Donald Trump was elected the president of the United States, leftist social justice warriors, celebrities, and pretty much the entirety of the leftist media, predicted pretty much an era of Nazi Germany for the country. Many social justice warriors, including many celebrities, were literally crying in desperation, and making somber videos and posts about the grim future, and how it was pretty much the end of the world. They quite literally looked like they were jews being led to the showers of Auschwitz. And I'm not even exaggerating; you can find videos made by these people on YouTube, where they sound and look like they are expecting the state police to kick down their door at any moment and take them to concentration camps to be gassed.

A year has passed and... well, nothing much, really. Trump enacted, to a varying extent, some of the promises he made during his campaign, such as repealing the affordable healthcare act, and the travel ban from certain countries (among other things that have got less attention), which you might or might not agree with, but these are hardly atrocities. Travel bans, while not very common, are not unheard of, and quite many countries employ them (including every single country in that list; which, by the way, was created during the Obama administration, not the Trump one.)

As for atrocities and death counts, Obama is still leading on that camp by several orders of magnitude. But of course the regressive left is very silent about this.

Given that an entire year has passed, and the predicted atrocities have not happened (in fact, quite ironically, by far the vast majority of atrocities in the country have happened because of the regressive leftist protesters, not because of anything Trump has done), one would think that they would have calmed down, and realized that they over-reacted, and that Trump is not the totalitarian dictator they feared him to be. Maybe not the best possible president in history, for certain, but nowhere near as bad as they thought.

But no. The regressive left still maintains this fantasy world in their heads where Trump is pretty much Hitler reincarnate. The leftist media has engaged in a year-long non-stop anti-Trump defamation propaganda campaign, and is not showing any signs of slowing down. Since there is so little they can actually criticize, most often they are grasping at straws to absolutely ridiculous extents (such as attacking him because of his eating habits.) The social justice warriors still engage in protests, even though they can't even answer simple questions of what exactly Trump has done that's so horrible.

When you think about it, rather than becoming a totalitarian dictatorship, the United States government is amazingly lenient towards these regressive leftists who are outright breaking the law. They constantly and completely ignore their own sedition laws (which the regressive leftists are constantly, openly and blatantly breaking, with complete impunity), and the police seems criminally lenient towards crimes committed in the name of "protesting" (as I have written about before.)

Antifa, in particular, lives in a completely fictional fantasy world in this regard. While the majority of the rest of the regressive left is assuming that Trump will create a totalitarian dictatorship any day now, antifa literally thinks that Trump is already committing atrocities.

In one leaked video a member of antifa was recruiting high school students (I don't even understand how that's allowed, given that these are minors, and ostensibly their parents were not asked for permission, but that's the mindset of schools in the United States nowadays), and he was literally telling the students that the secret police was already trying to go into schools and taking immigrant students away to be deported, and that the only reason why they were unable to do that is because of antifa. He made this claim in complete seriousness. (He also says in the video that their plan is to keep doing this, and have Trump resign his presidency once he gets tired of trying to do this unsuccessfully. I'm not making this up. He literally says that Trump will resign once he is unable to round up immigrant students from schools to be deported, because antifa members are watching.)

Many antifa branches have also been talking about a so-called "underground railroad", a system where antifa members would collaborate to give immigrants safe passage out of the country, mostly to Canada, to escape persecution by the government. Again, I wish I were making this up. They literally think that the United States is Nazi Germany, where the state police is rounding up immigrants to... I don't know, probably be thrown in concentration camps to be exterminated? This is a complete fantasy world they live in. The irony is that not only is nobody stopping anybody from leaving the country, on the contrary, a good portion of the conservative side of the political spectrum would be happy if there was a mass emigration of immigrants. There is literally no need to have immigrants leave the country covertly, if they so wish.

Many conservatives are calling liberalism a mental illness. While I disagree with them using the word "liberalism" for this (because this is not what liberalism means), I am tempted to start agreeing with them that at least in the United States it quite literally has become an actual mental illness (or, at least the authoritarian regressive leftist portion of the American "liberalism" side of the political spectrum.)

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