Sunday, December 10, 2017

Activists are taken way too seriously

The media at large, as well as myriads of organizations, corporations, institutions, and sometimes even governments, take social justice activists way too much seriously than they should.

They don't seem to understand one crucial thing about those activists: They claim to represent the interests of several groups of people, but nobody elected them to represent them. Those activists did not ask anybody, nor were they appointed by anybody to represent them. The activists have all appointed themselves into that role, without asking anybody. Activists are speaking on behalf of large groups of people who were never even asked if they want those activists speaking on their behalf, or whether they agree with their views, opinions, methods, or proposed "solutions" to the "problems" they see.

If, for example, some group of neonazis were pretending to talk on behalf of, let's say, all white people, the majority of the media, even the regressive leftist media, understands that nobody elected them into that position, and that the vast majority of white people disagree with them and would most definitely not want them speaking on their behalf.

However, if a social justice warrior, or a transgender person, or somebody similar, pretends to speak on behalf of large groups of people (sometimes even groups of people they themselves aren't part of), the media and other organizations take them seriously, as if they indeed are speaking on behalf of those people, without actually going and asking those people if they agree.

Would you want for some zealots, who you never elected to represent you, speaking on your behalf, and make all kinds of claims and demands on your behalf, without asking you, and for the media and all kinds of institutions and governments to take them seriously and consider them to speak on your behalf, without asking you, especially if you disagree with many of the things that the zealots are saying?

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