Friday, October 13, 2017

Obama was more of a "Hitler" than Trump is

The regressive left, especially in the United States (but pretty much also everywhere else), the media at large, leftist celebrities, and pretty much everybody who hates Trump, is comparing him to Hitler, and constantly bringing out how much of a "racist", and "sexist" and a myriad other buzzwords he is, and how he is worse than Hitler and commits atrocities, and what not.

Yet they have very little to show for it. If you ask them what exactly has Trump said or done to deserve all those accusations, the evidence is quite bleak. So he banned the citizens of certain countries from entering the US... hardly an atrocity (especially considering that those exact same countries have banned the citizens of Israel from entering theirs, something that no regressive ever acknowledges or pays attention to). He wants tougher stances and enforcement on illegal immigrants... something that pretty much every prior US presidents has done as well, very much including Obama (you can find several of his speeches on tougher immigration policies and enforcement online).

The fact is that Trump has not done much in terms of atrocities.

The fact also is that Obama did.

Read, for example, this article by The Guardian: America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016. What a bloody end to Obama's reign

That's right, over 26 thousand bombs. Not during his entire 8-year presidency. During one single year.

Some sources claim that approximately 90% of deaths caused by those bombs were civilians.

How about Obama giving Iran the means to build nuclear weapons? How many regressive leftists do you see talking about any of this? (And I'm quite certain that hell will freeze over before Trump gives any Islamic country nuclear weapons.)

So far Obama has been much more of a "Hitler" than Trump has. Obama's death toll is significantly higher. Yet no regressive is willing to acknowledge any of this.

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