Wednesday, December 6, 2017

When you demand censorship, expect to be censored

One common wisdom, which many zealots seem to not understand, is that when you demand limiting people's freedoms, those limitations will eventually come back at you. If you demand censorship, that same censorship will be eventually applied to you.

Modern regressive leftist feminists want to both keep the cake, and eat it. They demand tougher stances on "hate speech", harassment, derogatory comments, and anything that anybody would consider offensive and demeaning. But, as always, don't want this exact principle to apply to themselves. (After all, when you have the moral high ground, you can do no wrong, you can do whatever you want, and your own rules, which you are trying to impose onto others, do not apply to yourself.)

So what happens when they successfully drive a social media platform like Facebook to ban people who make derogatory comments about other people? Well, what do you know, they get banned themselves for making derogatory comments about men. And of course they aren't happy.

Of course they should be free to post derogatory comments about a group of people they hate. They should be exempt from the rule, because they have the moral high ground.

You know, because feminism is about equality.

(Btw, it's curious how many of the people mentioned in that article are self-proclaimed "comedians". Because saying "men are scum" is the pinnacle of comedy in the modern world, it appears.)

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