Friday, December 1, 2017

Britain the first police state of Europe?

Given how horrendous the situation in Sweden is, with massive amounts of crimes, including rapes, committed by immigrants, and dozens of literal "no-go zones" dominated by immigrant gangs, where the police literally doesn't dare to go unless in the utmost of dire circumstances, and where ambulances also dare not go because of the fear of the safety of the ambulance personnel, and given how massive the propaganda and censorship is in Sweden with regards to all this, I always assumed that Sweden would be the first European country to become, effectively, a police state followed by becoming an Islamic totalitarian hellhole.

However, it appears that Great Britain might be even worse.

The British police forces are seeing their budget being cut year after year, and the size of the police forces becoming smaller and smaller each year. Yet they still have the resources, budget and time to fight the most horrendous of criminals in existence: Trolls, and people speaking their minds on the internet.

The numbers are staggering. Last year alone the British police arrested over 3300 people because of comments they had made in online forums. That's over 9 people every single day of the year, on average. And their pace isn't slowing down, but all the contrary.

The British police literally has too few resources to investigate all robberies, thefts, muggings, sexual assaults, and so on and so forth. And sometimes they are too scared of being called racists to intervene when gangs are grooming and raping thousands of underage girls. But they certainly seem to have the time and resources to deal with the horrendous crime of having the wrong opinions on the internet. They also seem quite ready to harass in absolutely horrendous ways individual people for being critical of immigration and Islamic culture. (Whether you personally agree with Tommy Robinson's opinions, that doesn't make one iota of a difference: The police still has no right to harass him and his family, sometimes in an almost deadly manner, in a civilized western country. The police has no right to harass anybody in that manner, no matter what he may have done. They have much less right to do so purely because of his opinions.)

If you get mugged by somebody in Britain, don't expect much help from the police, especially if the perpetrator is a Muslim immigrant. They don't have the resources nor the willingness to do much about it. However, if you go to the internet to express your dissatisfaction about the situation, expect the police to knock on your door. Your crime is so much worse. You dared to have a negative opinion of a Muslim person. Suddenly the police has all the time in the world to deal with your heinous crime.

I wish this was isolated to Britain. Unfortunately it isn't. The same phenomenon is quickly spreading among most European countries. Other countries, such as Germany , are still behind Britain in sheer number of arrests, but they are doing their best to keep up.

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