Sunday, June 18, 2017

Prejudice against 3DS grip attachment

I have owned a (New) 3DS for a couple of years now, and a regular DS for a couple of years before that. I have always found it really unergonomic and uncomfortable to use. The positioning of the left stick and the d-pad is not very ergonomic, and requires some uncomfortable thumb contortion. (Perhaps the worst case scenario is having to use the left shoulder button and the d-pad at the same time. It might not sound like that much of a deal, but it really is quite uncomfortable.)

Some months ago I realized that there exist grip attachments for the 3DS, and they are actually really cheap. I purchased one that looks pretty much like this:

The grip attachment makes it a hundred times more comfortable to use, and I'm not exaggerating a bit. It might not be absolutely perfect, like it were a modern controller, but it's still a hundred times better. I wouldn't go back in a million years.

So far three acquaintances who own a 3DS have seen me playing with it. What kind of comments did they make (completely unprompted)? Did they perhaps consider it cool? Maybe they wanted to try it to see how comfortable it is? Or perhaps they mocked it lightly for looking so funny, but were otherwise cool with it, understanding how much more comfortable it makes using the device?

No. All three of them immediately assured me how they don't need such a thing, and how useless it is.

And mind you, these were three completely separate events; it wasn't like all four of us were gathered at the same place at the same time, and they all commented it agreeing with each other. No, each encounter was separate, and they didn't know of each others' opinions. All three independently commented how they don't need such a thing.

And no, none of the three had ever tried one. They still didn't "need" one, though, as they assured me. For some reason. Without me asking anything.

One person saying that, ok. Two people saying pretty much the same thing? A bit strange, but alright. Three people independently saying pretty much the same thing? Now that's a symptom of some kind of strange common psychological phenomenon.

I don't really understand where this strange psychological phenomenon comes from. Why did all three feel the need to assure me, without prompting, without me asking, that they don't need such a thing? And why were they all so negative about it? They didn't even joke about the thing (which I would have understood; it might look a bit funny at first). They just stated in all seriousness that they don't "need" it.


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