Sunday, June 4, 2017

European culture is dying

During the history of humanity, nations, societies and cultures have risen and fallen countless times. Some have prospered for extremely long time, others were short-lived. Some were rather insignificant, others were the pinnacle of human civilization and progress. The reason for their fall are very varied. Some were conquered by outside forces and effectively destroyed. Others destroyed themselves from the inside due to greed and hunger for power. A few even simply just dissolved pretty peacefully, perhaps because civilization just progressed and society changed.

But however many civilizations have such disappeared, I'm not aware of a single one that actively sought to destroy itself, to destroy its own culture and society, and very existence, by willingly and actively bringing other cultures and societies into itself, and actively shunning and squashing its own. I'm not aware of any such society that hated itself so much that it pretty much effectively wanted to commit societal suicide and sought for itself to disappear and to be replaced by foreign cultures from distant lands. Many had healthy patriotism, others had unhealthy nationalism, others were somewhere in between, but no society or nation I'm aware of hated itself so much as to want to disappear, as to want to be invaded by other cultures and destroyed.

Except modern-day Europe, that is.

The modern societal European zeitgeist is one of absolute self-hatred, and self-destruction. Europe hates itself, and wants to be invaded by "exotic" cultures from distant lands, and wants to be completely replaced by those other cultures, no matter how regressive they might be. Europe refuses to see anything positive about its own culture and history, and concentrates solely on the negatives, isolating and exaggerating them, and defining itself solely by them. Europe, as a collection of cultures and rich history, wants to disappear and to be replaced by other cultures, and is actively seeking to bring those cultures into Europe to perform this replacement. It's like a reverse invasion. Rather than Europe going somewhere else to invade, it's inviting outside forces into Europe to invade it, until Europe has pretty much disappeared.

This angers and saddens me. Europe has such a long and rich history and culture. Just think of the great achievements of European architecture, literature, music, culinary arts, performing arts, paintings, sculptures, monuments. Think of the technological, scientific and engineering progress, the education system, the welfare system, city planning, schools, universities, libraries, hospitals...

At this rate, it's all going to disappear.

Think of, for instance, the Library of the Royal Society. It has in its collections innumerable amounts of priceless historical documents and objects that are absolutely invaluable and a testament of how humanity has progressed. Even in the absolute best case scenario they will just fall into complete neglect, and probably be eventually destroyed by fires or simple decay. In the worst case scenario it will all be purposefully destroyed by an oppressive ideology that hates western culture.

Think of all the works of art in European museums. All destroyed, by neglect if nothing else, but probably by active vandalism.

Our modern education and welfare system? It will be gone. Schools, universities, libraries, museums... all gone. Our freedoms and liberties? Gone. Our very concept of a free European society? Those basic human rights that you take for granted? All gone.

What happened to Iran in the 70's will happen to us. Yes, Iran was pretty much a free modern western society in the 70's. Just make a google image search for "iran in the 70's" and be surprised. Today Iran is one of the most oppressive and regressive countries in the world.

And the saddest thing is that this will not happen to Europe because foreign forces invaded it. It's happening because Europe hates itself and wants it to happen, and is actively seeking for it to happen. Europe wants to be destroyed as a culture, and erased from history. It wants to be replaced by a regressive totalitarian regime. All this will be gone.

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  1. I feel the same. It realy breaks my heart to see europeans ashamed of their past and their glory. These refugees are killing everything. Europe will never be the same.