Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Canada's tough stance against wife-beaters

Recently a man in Canada beat his wife for half an hour with a hockey stick. He pulled her hair, hit her in the face, and threatened to kill her. She had to be hospitalized.

The man pleaded guilty in court. Can you guess how long his jail sentence was for this brutal crime?

Perhaps eight years? That could sound about right. But no.

Perhaps eight months? Sounds perhaps a bit on the low side, but might still be barely acceptable. And no.

Perhaps eight weeks? Would sound way too short for such a heinous crime.

No. Eight days.

That's right. Eight days of jail.

That's quite a strange amount of leniency in a country whose government prides itself for being feminist, and whose prime minister not only proudly declares this, but just can't shut up about feminism.

But perhaps the man's name reveals the reason for the incredibly lenient punishment: Mohamad Rafia.

Way to go, "feminist" Canada. You are the true defender of women against spousal abuse.

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