Monday, June 12, 2017

Microsoft still has time to change the name of their new console

On this year's E3 conference (which happened yesterday as of writing this), Microsoft finally revealed their new upcoming version of their Xbox console line, which previously had the working title "Project Scorpio", planned to release on November of 2017.

The name of the new console? Xbox One X.

Many people were quite appalled and disappointed by that name ("what was wrong with "xbox scorpio"? That would have been an awesome name!"), and many have raised a concern about how much confusion it might cause, because Microsoft's previous minor upgrade to the console line was the "Xbox One S", which sounds very similar when pronounced out loud.

This may well cause confusion with eg. parents buying the console for their kids as a Christmas present, if they know very little about consoles, especially about a specific line of consoles.

To be fair, "Xbox Scorpio", or "Xbox One Scorpio" (if they want to denote in the name that it's fully compatible with the Xbox One) might be slightly confusing as well because they named their previous upgrade "Xbox One S", so someone might think that the "S" stands for "Scorpio", that it simply has been shortened.

But it really seems that, for some reason, Microsoft just loves confusing names in their consoles. The name "Xbox One" itself was already confusing enough because that's the exact name that was commonly used for the very first Xbox console (at least when spoken out loud), to differentiate it from the Xbox 360. I really have no idea why the decided to name it like that. It seems really silly.

I wonder if Microsoft will change their mind and name their upcoming console in a less confusing way. They still have time.

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