Wednesday, June 7, 2017

An additional reason why ad blockers are good

Some time ago I decided to disable my browser's ad blocker plugin on because I wanted to support the site even if it's just a tiny bit. The ads there are not completely on-your-face nor do they hinder browsing and enjoying the site, so why not.

However, I later enabled the ad blocker again, because the ads had another negative side-effect.

From time to time I browse the list of new videos on the site's front page, and open those I want to watch on new tabs. I might open half a dozen tabs at once, or even more.

The problem with the ads is that they are really heavy for the browser to render. They are constantly changing, they play videos, and whatnot. With half a dozen tabs opened, all of them full of ads, the browser becomes really laggy. Just scrolling one page is really laggy. CPU usage is very high.

So I enabled the ad blocker and reloaded all the tabs, and what do you know, CPU usage went way down and there is no lag anymore. Scrolling the pages is silk-smooth again.

So yeah, another reason to disable ads, even at sites where I would like to enable them for support.

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